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Hi! I'm Fu3lman. These are my maps. Have a nice day :)


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EDIT: Will just use this one thread for updating so I'm not creating more noise than necessary.


I'm always open to constructive criticism, so let me know what you think of these and what you would do to improve them.


"Overlord" (version 2)


Four player "King of the Hill" style map. The older version of this (circa 2000-2001-ish) was something I whipped up to be our go-to map for casual coop teamplay vs two brutal AI opponents, and I remember it being pretty damned fun. I only recently revisited this map and cleaned it up a bit balance and aesthetics-wise.


BONUS POINTS to anyone who finds the campers and ruins their day. :devil:

...cuz' you gotta enjoy the little things.



"And Justice For All"


My first real attempt at a full-blown 8-player throwdown. There's a LOT I intend on doing with it... so it's very much a work in progress, but complete enough to get the gist.


And before you ask: NO. The Paris Towers are NOT ACTIVE! :D  They're only there for decoration and/or as placeholders for some future adjustment.


If you like what you see, or just feel like giving me grief, let me know here.

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Really cool maps.

The problem I have with the last one is that the person who takes over the tech buildings will automatically win due to cliff advantage and economic advantage.


Yep. Still trying to find a way to address that outside of just "raising" the entire map and creating a valley there instead of a plateau.

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For Justice map, perhaps give each spot a healthy dosage of safe ore behind their base and maybe take away the ore in the middle and make it small gem spots instead. That way the player who risks having his/her miner in the gem spots does so at the risk of losing it, but at the same time, people can still mine regular ore safely behind their base.



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