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Aro's Unofficial Mini-Patch for Tiberian Sun


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Aro has announced the release of version 0.1 of his Unofficial Mini-Patch a patch that's intended to be used as a base for mods.


Here are some of the fixes in this patch:


- Fixed Nod War Factory animation

- Fixed Silo animation

- Fixed Secondary Hand of Nod animation (Flashing pixels on the antenna)

- Fixed Secondary GDI Barracks animation (Flashing pixels on the antenna)

- Fixed several animations on the Civilian Array

- Fixed several GAPLUG animations

- Partially fixed Dam animations (Not completely fixed)

- Fixed Proton projectile animation


Go to this topic for more information and download

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Lin Kuei Ominae patch will out do this one, we just have to wait for the Hyper patch...


Well young sir, you have a lot to consider before you just shout things like that out in the open. Mainly that UMP and TS 2.04 are extremely different projects. TS:UMP Is a base for new Tiberian Sun mods, Tiberian Sun 2.04 is going to be an official XWIS update according to Hyper. Next time it would probably help you to have some knowledge on what you're actually talking about.

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