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Alpha testers needed for new version of CnCNet!


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It's been awhile since there have been any activity regarding CnCNet. But today I'm pleased to announce the the start of a closed alpha test!


The main new features of CnCNet v2 is faster speeds, Linux, Red Alert (1.08 & 3.03) and Tiberian Sun support!


For anyone whose interested send an Email to [email protected]!


Please specify:

Why you want to be a tester

Why you should be a tester

What game you want to test: C&C95, RA95 or TS

What operating system you use


If you are accepted you will get an Email giving you further details of the alpha test.

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well, now i'm very busy with scool, etc. But, i think i can test things related with the distance, since i'm very very far from all you, guys! (Brazil)




Really, why RA v1.08?? why not v2.00, or 3.03? i dont know abou the diference of those versions, but i think Hyper will be very mad if him work with RA 3.03 even get a decent multiplayer!

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We need more testers, even if you're unsure if you are a good fit, please send your application!


Currently you can play pretty stable games on both CnC95 and RA1, even with non-forwarded ports on some cases.


What we especially want from you is good English skills and some dedication. You don't need to play 24/7, just occasional games will help a lot.

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