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Today is September 11, 2010, and Patriot Day. Nine years ago on this day 19 al-Qaeda terrorists launched a terrorist attack against the United States of America, in particular, civilians. They crashed 2 airplanes into the World Trade Center in New York City, 1 airplane into the Pentagon, and attempted (but failed) to crash a fourth plane into the White House. On that day 2977 people (excluding the terrorists) were killed and over 6000 people were injured. So let's dedicate this thread to the men, women, and children who died on 9/11. As well as the firefighters, police officers, FBI agents, and medical personnel who rushed into half-destroyed burning buildings to save people they didn't even know. I'd also like to dedicated this thread to the soldiers, marines, airmen, seamen, and mercenaries (PMCs) who have lost their lives serving our country (and our allies, like NATO and stuff). Also to the civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq who's lives and homes have been lost in this war. We must continue fighting though, to prevent another attack like this, and to ensure that Iraq and Afghanistan remain liberated and free (thanks to us). Not to mention the American (and other) civilians who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is a video of the attack on the World Trade Center:


September 11, 2001 - As It Happened - The South Tower Attack

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