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Red Alert patch 3.03 installer with TFD support [UPDATED OCTOBER 10, 2010]


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Right, since that old piece of crap I made to fix RA v3.03 on TFD never works as it should, especially on newer systems than XP, I finally made some work of this.


So here it is... the patch 3.03 installer :)








-Contains all three languages of the patch (eng/ger/fre). The setup language you choose determines which language you patch the game in.

-On non-TFD installs, it gives the options to enable Counterstrike and The Aftermath

-The patch will automatically detect if it's being installed on TFD, and if so, will take the required steps (it will give a no-cd-patched exe when installing on TFD, and add the CS/AM registry entries)

-The exe is patched to no longer remove conquer.eng on startup. I believe this was done to compensate for patch 1.08, which extracts a conquer.eng in the game folder. Anyway, it is now removed by the installer program itself instead of by the game, as it should.

-On Vista and Win7, the installer will set DirectX compatibility mode to fix the bad colours bug.

-The patch contains the snow craters fix and the Aftermath mission fix for Situation Critical, both made by MrFlibble.

-The installer offers options to install the small infantry and the network dll as extras, and, for the German version, game uncensoring.


Bold indicates stuff added on October 10, 2010.

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Well, I had to update this since I messed up the hack for the German exe to make it stop removing conquer.eng. While I did this, I also fixed the fact it asked for the "TRANS" CD instead of the "Vergeltungsschlag" (Aftermath) CD in the German version.

Besides that, I also added options to allow installation of the small infantry patch, the UDP network dll, and uncensoring for the German version. All of these are, of course, optional.


Two other extras that can't be disabled are the Situation Critical fix, (which is always installed if Aftermath is), and MrFlibble's snow craters fix.



Oh right, the small infantry patch in this has been slightly updated, in that it has Einstein in the same colours he has in the original hi-res graphics :)

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