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[YR] Huge Landscape Map 1.4 (detailed 200x200)


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I noticed you tried to turn the spy into a hijacker. If you don't set The value "Thief" to "yes" along with "VehicleThief," it doesn't work. It should look like this:


You can check ModEnc for confirmation. It's also a good resource for everything INI related, if you're ever having trouble.

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20 hours ago, Messiah said:

I don't see a reason to remove them, they are just part of the map.

The singleplayer version will be far more modified nevertheless.

well because i would love to play this map but im affraid people are not interested to play this because its modified.

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Do you think so? there are many popular maps with some mod features.

I think to go further and add another unit, a transport helicopter for soviet and yuri. there are some tech buildings located on cliffs only available by aircraft, so allies are the only side who can access them.

Chrono Vortex: thank you. That vehicle thief thing was actually a leftover from the SP mission, which will be removed in that map here.

otherwise, if I add another new unit to soviet and yuri, allies will need some new stuff too.

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3 hours ago, Messiah said:

For skirmish matches just into the RA2 folder.

If you want to play it online with CnCNet it's the maps folder.

Okay so i did this. Skirmish worked fine except eventually the game crashed xD

But now when I try to play with it online, the map fails to transfer to the cncnet map database. What do I do?

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