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Neutral Buildings That Can Be Captured By Anyone


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Hello! I have another question. I have a multiplayer map I'm working on and I'm trying to have a bunch of structures that are Neutral or Special by default, and then any team could capture them. This is what I have set up, I know it's wrong- but I'm trying to determine what else I need in order to make this work. I'm assuming once I create the Trigger/tag, I can apply that same tag to every Neutral/ Special building... Also can special buildings be captured, or is it only Neutral? When I test this with special, it doesn't work. But when I send a unit into a building on Neutral, the game crashes...

Also worth noting, I went a head and made events for every team that could enter the building, 50, 51, 52, etc...




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That doesnt work yet. We gotta wait for the new ts-spawn to be uploaded, then we can use spawn locations in events and trigger owners, untill then u gotta use event parameter minus 1 ( -1).. which means 'entered by any', the best thing to do now is to create 8 different triggers with change house 50 to 57.

you can also add



etc.. under [Houses] in your map file, and then just use change owner in the main left column in final sun, but that triggers at the start of game ofcourse. and it crashes if not all players are there.








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