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(Wht)Rush Down Rampage

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A rush style map.
Small , close start positions.

A defending player can try to hold the passages with units, forcing their opponent to go around, buying them a few extra seconds. There's some area to help protect a few key structures where you start.

There's also a backdoor "tube" into both bases. Which you could either use to attack through, or escape through after a hit and run attack.

Not tested yet, so I'm interested to know how it'll play out.
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Apparently my name is a "bad" username and so is "bill" on my other computer lol weaveR lieks tubes!

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45 minutes ago, Messiah said:

hm, a third player at south might be interesting?

I've been looking to make a good 3 player map for a while... 
May or may not ever happen, though. It's trickier than it looks; like, to do it REALLY well.

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