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Desert Theater


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Fixed it, the game now supports loading theaters up to ~5.5 MB in size. Here's the new EXE, put the files in a PortableRA installation:




Please test whether trees load or not.


DESERT.MIX should contain tiles with the .SNO file extension, WINTER.MIX should contain tiles with the .TEM extension. You need to place DESERT.PAL (renamed game palette from TEMPERATE.PAL or w/e) inside DESERT.MIX and likewise with WINTER.PAL for WINTER.MIX.

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Desert loaded but the trees and mine didn't load. At first I though I did the trees wrong but none of the trees load even from the desert.mix you sent me. IT looks like terrain layer is being loaded...


The Winter dosn't load as well....


Also dose the 5.5 MB apply to the Temperat and Snow as well?



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The winter theater doesn't load?


"Also dose the 5.5 MB apply to the Temperat and Snow as well?"




I'm still looking to why trees and stuff aren't working. Overlays weren't working either but I fixed that (that fix isn't in the binary I gave you).

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Very usefull! I thank you for the hard work you did. With out it I would have never have never started looking into TMP ra format. This would mean no Desert or Winter theaters currently being worked on for RA and already in use in the of development Red Dawn Online and Red Dawn 2013.


I only wish to expand on what you started. Full credit is given to you for the original work. The Snow to Desert V2.zip give you credit and link original source over at http://ra.afraid.org/ and read me is also packed into the .mix file.

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As I said, terrain objects have an ownership value. You need to specifically allow them to appear in a theater. In C&C1 it's a boolean flags value, just like how ownership by houses is done on units/buildings, so I expect it might be the same in RA.


If you added a new theater to the list, you need to enable the next bit on the trees you want to appear on it.

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