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Cursor Icon Not Syncing Up with Location




I downloaded C&C Tiberian Sun to my bootcamped (split HD with 50G devoted to Windows 10) Mac running Sierra. Obviously downloaded to the partition running Windows 10. When I boot up Tiberian Sun Launcher to start a new singe player campaign, the first menu seems fine. I then click single player and it opens the in game menu where I select between TS and TS:Firestorm. This is where my mouse loses accuracy. From here on, where my mouse *appears* to be is below and to the left of where things are actually being highlighted. I.e., to select the exit button on the top left, I have to place my cursor down and to the left. Therefore my cursor appears to be on the TS large icon, but in reality is highlighting the exit button. I hope I explained this well enough. I am not sure how to remedy this issue.

I looked around the forums for a similar issue but didn't find anything. I hope this isn't a repeated question.


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