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Executable not Asnwering Trouble!



Hi Guys! Here Cabal!

I been playing Tiberian Sun for almost two years, but these days i am having a big problem that i cant solve. I already Try Everything.

1) I Re-installed the Cncnet 5;

2) After That i did /reset;

3) Scan virus and malwares;

4) Open the computer and clean memory card and dust from processor;

5) Added TSun in firewall;

But all these things didnt work, my game still doesnt open, i can join in any room, the thing is when host press START button to game launch, it doesnt open here in my machine, i will upload some pics for better know the problem, i will be happy if someone can help to fix it.

Thanks a lot!





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Guys thanks a lot Tro0per_07 help me, and this trouble was solved.

FunkyFr3sh it was a program but someting not trustfull called mozzila update in add or remove programs it was doing conflict i think. he delet it, clean with cccleaner and now works smoothie.




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