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[Advanced] How to Play w/ Multiple Instances of CnCNet in the Same Household



Last update was on January 30, 2010 at 7:31 PM CT.


This is outdated since CnCNet 3.0 is different from early versions, do not use this anymore.


Table of Contents


1 - Patching/Installing the Game

2 - Port Forwarding

3 - CnCNet Configuration

4 - Hosting/Joining a Game

Patching/Installing the Game

1) If you have The First Decade, install this patch. Your version of Tiberian Dawn will be outdated if you installed it. If so, download and install the latest patch, and then its hotfix in that order.


1.1) If you don't even have the game yet, you can download Tiberian Dawn here, and Red Alert here (remember to download and install the latest patch and its hotfix for Tiberian Dawn in that order).


Port Forwarding

2) Assuming that you've port forwarded before, create another port entry and this time. Port forward port 8053 protocol UDP. Here's an example of what mine looks like.



CnCNet Configuration

3) First off, you're going to have to download the CnCNet.ini file on your friend's computer and then place it into their Tiberian Dawn and/or Red Alert directory. It should look like this.



3.1) After that, download the correct .dll file according to your game, and put it into your friend's Tiberian Dawn and/or Red Alert directory.


Hosting/Joining a Game

4) Ok, we have everything setup correctly. Now we can either host a game, or join someone elses game on CnCNet.



4.1) Play and have fun! And that's an order soldier!


I truly hope that this was easy enough to follow.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to post a reply below.

You must get permission before you post this onto another website and credit must be given!

Contact: [email protected]

Guide written by Gavin "godly-cheese" Anderson


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Yyou still haven't fixed that, pichorra... you shouldn't click Tiberian Dawn on that list, you should just use the Default Guide. The TD one has all WChat ports on it, and it confuses people to which exactly they have to open.


Yes, i was going to fix that, but then, misteriously the Website goes down... It is fixed now, and the topic was manly for Wchat, i adapted it to cncnet now.

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