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Zhasulan vs Lud0wig on Dune Patrol (07.02.18)(1600x900)


Zhasulan vs Lud0wig on Dune Patrol  

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  1. 1. Who would have won? I was about to leave in that time, couldn't finish the game, sad :(

    • Zhasulan
    • Lud0wig
    • It's hard to say ... was disputable moment

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That was a really good game. Both of you guys are excellent players! For this game, at minute 8:10, zhasulan had 12 tanks with almost all of them having 75%+ of their Hp. Lud0wig on the other hand had only 8 tanks and about 10 conscripts, but that deso killed almost all of them and seriously damaged his tanks. So, I think if the game lasted a bit more, zhasulan would win. Nevertheless, it was a really good game and I enjoyed watching every second of it! Cheers to both players

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