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[YR] - Twigz Map - Up to 8 players in 4 teams


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Hey Guys, first post!

This is a remake of a map I made back in the early 2000's. I'm putting it here so hopefully some people will actually play it.

There are 4 start locations, but 8 spawns are defined so that the map can be played in 2v2v2v2. There are 2 Oil Derricks near each starting location.  From the starting islands you can go to two small islands that have your expansion ore fields and either another Oil Derrick or an Air Field.

Finally there is an island in the middle with a gems field. To get there you can capture one of the Tech Buildings. There are 2 hospitals, 3 machine shops, 2 secret labs and another airfield.

There is a small INI change - all conyards (Allied/Soviet/Yuri) will also act like Oil Derricks, giving 20 income with 100 delay (this is the same income as a Derrick). So protect your conyard!

Have fun!

EDIT: I also give permission for this to be used in any compilation/map collections. Just don't change the name or significantly edit it and please reference this post.



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Slight edit to map
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On ٢٣‏/٤‏/٢٠١٨ at 10:51 PM, dirtybob said:


The funny is to edit that to give the thing you want ;)

;************ Secret Lab Section ************




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