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Hi CNCr's!!

Ive watched this game being played for months now.. and the old saying " if you cant beat um join um" comes to mind. ;) I'm trying to learn it and am not ashamed to admit, its hard to catch on to. I get the jist of it but you need speed and that's where  I need work. BLUYSY has been an incredible help with teaching and tricks... Ive noticed he also makes maps that are pretty sweet, too.  #Crushing!<3

Anyway just a lil hi from me! Hope to get my arse kicked by yous!

Cheers. ;)


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Oh hey, was this the person I played?
Welcome to the forum.

Feel free to have a look around. For future posts regarding C&C95 in particular, note that there is a C&C95 specific section.

There's maps for both multiplayer and single player that you can find there, too. Some of the missions are really hard, haha. So just watch out for that.

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