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Whats with these Turret style of play guys? Are they onto something?


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Some guys will use guard towers where ever and when ever they can.

They attack with them,  defend with them control the map with them, sprawl them across the battle field in lines trying to cordon off the tiberiium etc and most importantly they significantly cut unit production to have more guard towers.

Why the hell do they do it?

Why the hell do they do it so much, prioritise turrets etc so much?

This style is here to stay I want to understand their mind-set because I find them at a disadvantage to someone that mostly uses units or entirely uses units due to being unable to defend harvesters and a lack of mobility with guard towers especially trying to build through and across tiberiium patches.


1) Turrets are more efficient cost to damage

2) Turrets combined with units to attack a base are more cost effective and effective in damage than just using units

3) Turrets and units combined are better for defence than just units alone and probably more cost effective since you don't need as many airfields

A) They lack mobility you cant control the map or resources as well as with a big load of units

B)  They are slower to build than units  esp with 1 conyard and it stops you building other stuff

C)  They can fall to SSM after the money has run out (often takes a long time to win due to having a load of turrets now to destroy and little money)


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