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[C&C95] 004dadd1 memory issue solved

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I have found a solution to the issue which causes the game to crash mid-way (multiplayer), it is due to a particular buffer being too small a size to handle the massive amounts of units/etc that can be generated during a game (specially 5-6 player or no bases 50 unit skirmish).


data:005085BC    dword_5085BC    dd 12288000


Is the source of the problem.


Changing the pre-set amount * 6 (to account for much more then is possible) solves this long-standing bug (no idea when it came in, 1.06 perhaps?).


data:005085BC    dword_5085BC    dd 73728000


This will only fix the crash during gameplay. There is another crash which occurs after the game and probably by a similar cause:


location 004dadd1.


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Hex line: 000F03BC


hmm... did anyone already find the Explosive-crate bug crash on C&C95? i remeber those, but i do not get it anymore, probably it has already been fixed.



i do not remember about a crash mentioning 004dadd1... do you guys know when it happens?

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