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Jonttu's maps and stuff?


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Maybe I'll keep this thread open for possible future maps...




Alrighty. I've finally managed to finish a map I've been making for many many hours.


It's more ideal for FFA. One guy starts at the very center of the map, however he has terrain as cover and a pretty good tiberium supply should be assured. Of the two players on the left side of the map pretty much only one can overcome the other to fight for the rest of the map. The player on the right side of the map has probably the best access to additional tiberium, however being between the last two players, he has to try and hold his ground from the invaders from the other side of the stream.


Hopefully the map will work as intended... 8|


Map number: scm215ea

Map preview: http://oi53.tinypic.com/2zgrc5h.jpg


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Other then that, the play style of the map is different from others. Instead of being wide open, it's more crowded and it seems more tactical in a way. I like it, it reminds me of one of my old maps that I made awhile back.


I'll rate it 4/5 in my opinion.


Although I still have to play the map and see how it plays. :) Good map Jonttu.

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