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Sorry haven't been on here in a while. Updates to the Mod has been on a Hiatus since February as real life has been quite turbulent for me lately. I have been made aware that a lot of Mods have been broken due to the Origin updates and also due to some Win10 user control issues. Correct me if I am wrong as I have been out of the loop but the person that was making the special launchers that enabled mods on Origin has stopped developing updates last I checked, no? However, I am uploading an unreleased version of the mod in a raw "open file format" to my Dropbox account due to the lack of updates as it is nowhere near being compiled for an "official" release and I don't want to risk the latest build getting lost like the old v1.4 did back in 2012. I can provide download links to the files on said account as a last resort measure or if you simply want to fiddle around with the latest build. DOING THIS WILL BREAK YOUR ZH INSTALLATION! As this will permanently override the ZH game data files unless you delete the entire game folder and reinstall if you wish to play ZH again. You can see screenshots on ModDB of the latest unreleased build HERE

Dropbox Folder for TDR: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2vly8rj1yx81ep/AAD4FvwJ38lhtTWM5_xHGflHa?dl=0

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The fixed launchers are not strictly necessary for ZH mods anyway. However Generals.exe on Origin will launch a launcher program first so any launcher program must check for the game actually running instead of renaming mod files back on exit.

The TDR launcher does kinda accommodate for this with the force enable option though.

As for UAC issues you should make sure the mod launcher runs with admin permissions triggering the UAC prompt.

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