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rules ini + multiplayer


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I'm pretty sure this was already discussed but I couldn't find it in the tutorials or via search.

If you edit the rules ini, is it possible to have a multiplayer map with this (like with other paratroopers and stuff like that) ?

I'm pretty sure it is. But how ?

Can you link a tutorial?

+ How to have a high resolution map preview in cncnet + map credits ?


Thanks in advance!

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Yeah of course, all you have to do is copy your edited parts of the .ini into the map itself. Easiest way is to open the map in wordpad and paste into there.

Example if you just wanted to lower the cost of GI you would insert the unit tag and the edit. I.e:




Thats all there is to it. You can also do this by opening the map in final alert and then clicking on edit > ini editor ?

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Use XCC mixer Extract Rulesmd.ini from RA2md.mix -> Localmd.mix 

Open your map with Notepad ++ is useful for modding map
add your code and paste on Notepad ++ (your map) 

Check on FA2 > Ini editor 
Your code will added


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alternatively you can use the ini editor built into FA2 to insert a custom ini file instead of using text editor on your map files. whatever. only rules.ini entries can be used but there is a trick to making use of the unused voxels in local.MIX. anyways you can make a large map preview by getting "cncmapsrenderer" a link to which is in a thread stickied to this forum.

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