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Programminv late attacks


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Hey guys,
hello and thank you for helping me. I like to play a C & C AR2 since my first gaming days and still reinstall it from time to time for a quick round. But I play it (I think) somewhat different than most. I basically play against easy enemys and use my time to build the ideal basis with absurd defense layers. This whole stage lasts up to 3 hours until I am bored and I start a new game. The best modification to this would be some kind of timer, starting after 2 hours of playing time, when a huge attack starts so I can use my defense. Alternatively, there could also be a very strong opponent, which only attacks after 2 hours. Now the question: Is there is any way to set up such a scenario (mod, trainer, editor)? Thank you for your help

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Ok - so basically I used Final Alert 2 to build a fitting map and watched a couple of Tutorial-Videos. Still I don`t know how to make an army spontaneously appear at Minute 60 and attack me. Could someone help me and explain to me step by step how to do this?

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Look up StarTube on YouTube he has tutorials on making maps, but you need to use Final Alert2 and you will need to set up a task force the units to attack with, then set up a script to tell them what to do, then assemble the task force with a script in the team editor. After you have done all this you will need to open the trigger editor to cause this to come together. In the trigger editor you will assign an event, action to make it happen. you can read all this in the help manual on top of the map editor. If you do not see the (task force, script, team editor) in your map editor then you need to go to options and un-click beginners mode to access these editors. I hope this helps you. A tip if you assemble smaller task force and attack with several from different locations you will enjoy your battle more, go to my page download CompStomp SurvivorLIV it is 3 humans vs 5 AI teams try it out.

Boggle04's CompStomp Survivor LIV.jpg

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