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C&C:Rivals change


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They still fail man, they still fail.

Games that do so much better:

Dune 2, Project Y, Warfare Inc. and Art of War 3. Are 4 RTS games on my phone that do so much better.

The last one is new to me, but shows somewhat a same system for upgrading units and also a pay to win system. But... it still has a single player campaign. That is so much win, even today.

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This would have been pretty good if it wasn't pay-to-win, even with the AI opponents made to look like human players. I know that just about every smart phone game these days is pay-to-win, but at least some games don't make it so difficult just to try and make you wanna purchase things. But that said, I still play it from time to time for some reason :P.

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