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64 Bit operating system


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Can anyone help? I have recently purchased the original Red Alert and am longing to play it.


I have Windows7 and was a maybe a little naive when I thought it would run any game, it is after all supposed to be an advanced system. I have tried downloading all sorts of software as recommended by the incredibly helpful Jordan Marshall at Mastertronic Support however I still keep getting error messages because I operate a 64 bit system.


How can I get round this? :mad:

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Try alternative 1 then (FullRA+). The original installer on the game disk is a 16-bit application and 16-bit applications cannot be ran on 64-bit operating systems. However the game itself is a 32-bit application which do run in 64-bit OSes


To reenable the videos (disabling NoCD in the process) use the original ra95.dat file from the original 3.03 patch.

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