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My game is immediately exit a lan game while connecting




So me and my friend are trying to play a tiberian sun lan game together.
We have installed the cncnet patch instead of start setting an ipx and all that.
I'm using windows 7, and my friend is using windows 10.

When one of us is hosting a game and we trying to join it we see that i'm successfully joining the gane but my friend's game immediately exit and then i'm alone in the lan game and the game is over..
This is happening to us even when my friend is hosting a lan game ON HIS OWN COMPUTER !

So far, in order to troubleshoot this on our own, we did the next steps:
1. Completely turn off the windows firewall
2. Completely turn off the AV (avast)

I don't know why this is happening and I will be glad to get your help with that. We REALLY want to play this game and we hope you all can help us to figuring out how to solve this issue.


Thank you very much.

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UPDATE: Well, the problem was a compatibility issue :D
All we had to do was set the compatibility mode of the file "ts-spawn.exe" to "Windows XP (Servie Pack 2)", and then it works like a charm !


EDIT: Now the game crashes every time we start a game, no matter which sides, maps or sde-clors we choose.. any idea about that?

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compatibility modes are actually supposed to be disabled, they're known to cause crashes.


So, without the compat modes his game is starting, he can see the map and his MCV and then it's just closing without an error message?

Disable the compat modes again and try to play around with the renderer setting (there are only a few, you can through all quickly).


Does skirmish actually work for him or does he have the same problem there too?

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