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Basic modding questions for TS


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I have a few questions about basic TS modding that  I was hoping someone here could help with.

1) Is it possible to enforce hard tech requirements for units?  IE continually check to see if you have the Radar you need for that MLRS?  Or the Tech Center you need for that Stealth Tank?

2) Is it possible to build new units with units already starting inside?  For example, if I wanted the APC to spawn with 5 rifles inside it?

3) Is there a control that you can set to prevent a unit from being hijackable? Maybe I just don't see it in the rules.ini, but I'm assuming something like that has to be there.

4) Has anyone gotten a multipad airfield to work like in the RA2 and later games?  Also, is it possible to enforce a 1 aircraft per helipad limit like with RA2 and beyond?  I know Aircraft were limited to 1 an airfield in RA1, so I'm assuming the logic is still there somewhere, I just don't know where to look.

5) Is there a good way to get a handle on how much damage the Devil's Tongue / GS / MMII / Disrupter do?  The after damage affect seems really convoluted.  I believe the railguns are 150/200 for the GS/MM2 respectively, but the other two are harder to get a fix on.

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