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Tiberian Sun - Ionic Frequency (2)


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A rather deadly, mutated zone, quickly becoming inhospitable. Peculiar and powerful ion storms often occur here, with ion charged clouds coming low and delivering long lasting damage. Endless tiberium growth has mangled the appearance of many a cliff - only mutants now remain in such a deadly area. It's obvious that this vicinity contains some kind of attractor to both tiberium and ion-related phenomena. It's for this reason that GDI has recently lost a kodiak in the area, and it's assumed that this loss will trigger interest in the area, and thus soon become a battlefield.


Besides from offering a balanced game, every tile of the map is detailed, there are many places to explore (for such a small map, too), and even red tiberium to hunt/harvest.


Kodiak/Mutant town/and you can see where I harvested red tiberium:



Deadly ion storms come low upon this area, therefore contributing to the most eerie glow:



Gives you an idea of the lighting/scenery and design:



Some more intrigueing mutations, lighting, and a view of the mutants:






And of course, I suggest you have a look at this in game for the most effective impression.






Requires firestorm or a mod which adds firestorm additions (like TFADW :P)


And I just noted how it has over 570 downloads on PPM... How surprising! :)

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..Another crashed kodiak. :P

What is it with GDI pilots nowadays? :laugh:

Anyways this map looks very good, it has a lot of detail and the cliffs don't look repeated or anything. The lighting looks spot on in my eyes.

I see you have used different coloured tiberium, i like that too.


Spotlight vote from me, but i'm going to wait for more spotlight votes and then spotlight it. :)

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