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Tiberian Sun - Connection Lost during gameplay



Hi everyone,

I'm facing trouble when I'm playing Tiberian Sun on lan together with my friends.

After some period of time (something like hour of playing or more), we're just getting a message which says "Connection Error!".
Then we can choose an option from the next options:
1. Stop - when we choose that option the game brutally disconnect and quit.
2. Continue - when one of us choose this option, the game continues for the others without him and the other palyers getting a message in the game which says that the user is disconnected and another message whch says "Computer: It's only you and me now!"

This is happens to us every time we try to play the game on lan together.

We are using the cncnet version of the game and using the lan option which it has inside (== we are using the cncnet's lan irc server).
If it is important to mention, we play the lan game while we all use hamachi.
The operation systems we play with are Windows 7 & Windows 10.

I'll appreciate to get your help with that, we really love this game and can't complete a full lan game.

Thank you guys :)

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