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Boggle04's Oil in the Center 4.0


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I placed it on every base so no one has to build it. In Zhas Live stream the other day someone ask if we could get a radar or reveal crate to view the map because players only had time to scout 2 at the most 3 bases before they would be playing the map blind.  We discussed the types of radar to use and they talked about adding oil well to bases, which would defeat the idea name "Oil in the Center" so I actually did a couple different 1's  I used the Psychic Radar here but on 1 of them I believe I gave a Spy plane to the conyard so if you build radar you can scout the map as long as you still have the conyard, 1 I gave the Psychic Radar to the conyard,  I allowed the Psychic Radar to produce cash like an oil well which I wish I hadn't because of Yuri build. option.  I think 1 version I don't give cash startup only allow cash produced and cash delay but I think I did that on the shipyard, remember I was wanting to use the Popcorn Popper from wastelands we had talked about it. I think the problem with the Popcorn Popper destroying was I made it civilian and with the warhead it destroys everything that is not an ally of the team building it. We discussed all 4 Radar in the map I almost used the American Air Force Command but I figured that took away from America, but everyone says America is OP anyway, so I chose not then they ask for Allied Air Force Command but that gave jets as would America. Then you get the Soviet and you run the risk of Spy Plane falling on units or buildings so that again became a weapon is why I settled for Yuri Psychic Radar. I may need to tweak it in another version though for the money production. Because I put it on map prebuilt it also means people need to defend it till they are satisfied with map and they can then sell it for the money.

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  I don't copy right maps the idea is to play, edit, have fun, any of my maps are there for the taking. All that I ask is that you rename the map so as not to interfere with my sequence maybe as a suffix you add Power to Cash or something. In the Basic Section change  Author=Edited by your name.

If you are interested Boggle04's Oil in the Center 2-8 the power plants already provide cash it might be easier to modify that than go in and write the codes in another. There is another Boggle04's Oil in the Center 4.0 the Psychic Radar located on every base generates cash also,

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