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10 hours ago, Mola said:

Dont recall you, which logs you used?

Hello. Usually DarkEveV or DarkEveX. I noticed in the new client that there are a few options for the game im not familiar with like aimable sams. Are the good players still using the traditional settings, eg multi-eng.

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yes + most people have aimable sams on (useful but i still dont use it) and as all other RTS games have shared control we usually turn it on as well. you need to bind it on a key though, so you can give control to certain teammates. also look up the other new useful keybindings like PlaceBuilding and RepeatBuilding

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Back in the Westwood days I used alias semanuk when I first started and switched between TealcSG1 :) always loved ts more then the their c&c games 

would love to have a reunion with all the old players tho


On 4/14/2019 at 1:46 AM, Tibermach said:

welcome back , vaguely rings a bell somewhere in the nostalgic memory banks


who do you remember?

I remember most old ts players from rank games 

like nooooobe,nopic,sean3z,revolt Jae n joe from apaxteam.lucifer66,t0k3d lol the last two I still say was the cause for the lobby chat to Ben shit off and Westwood to give up on their servers allowing Olaf can see speak to run the main support for them ,✌?


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