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Tiberian Dawn - Tell us a bit of your plans


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Hi there,


Since 31st of July, we had around 7 new SP missions here in cnc-comm.

Taking out the last 2, that I didn't had time to play, I've considered all good missions.


I'd like to suggest 2 issues:


1 - A thread to hire players prior to release of a new mission (beta-tester?)

Sometimes, by the end of a job, we're tired and don't see the obvious anymore.

A little help would improve a lot the fun of a game.


2 - We could have another thread (actually this one) where we expose the ideas of plots and briefings, telling the stage of development of the mission.

The reason is quite simple: while some have a single idea and follow it to the end, others have 5 or 10 ideas of a mission, but about one will mature at once.

The other reason for this is: we might expend 50% of the time developing 80%-90% of the mission and the other 50% is "just" tuning  the details.


These ideas might seen too basic, but I haven't seen it so far and I got a bit tired of waiting and decided to speak out.

Let me know if you find it useful or convenient.

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I'm going to make a map where you (GDI) have to protect the computer's (multi5) harvesters.  The idea was to use the "amount of credits" trigger to win, but I noticed the game doesn't consider tiberium and credits the same in that respect.  So now every time the harvester goes over a celltrigger into the base, a C17 flies across the screen and 'reinforces' 700 credits into your account.  I've tested that and it works, but I wanted you to lose when all the harvesters are destroyed and I noticed if a refinery is destroyed with a harvester in it, the harvester's death isn't registered.  I don't know if this makes any sense, but trust me, it's going to be sweet!

oh, BTW I fixed my mission BIOLAB if anybody wants to beta-test it.  I'm pretty sure it's done now.

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The game does consider tiberium and credits the same (or rather, credits = tiberium + "cash" money, like the kind you get from cancelled constructions, unit/structure selling, or starting money), but how would the player get money from another player harvesting?

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I figured for every $10000 credits the computer gets, you get a transport plane reinforcing like $500-- or something like that.  the idea would be that GDI is building up resources for the war effort and not just for the player to use for that particular mission.  I've run into the problem of computer harvesters stalling out, but of course I gave them the most intricate and complicated route to get to the Tiberium.  Gotta redesign the map so it's more of a straight path.  This may not prove feasible int the end, but I'm still gonna give it a go.  It's at least good practice at manipulating the computer AI.  This stuff is tons of trial and error; I'll think I've created a brilliant plan and then my team of 10 infantry will just stand there and twitch! :laugh:

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I have 3 missions in development. The first one will be launched soon and it is called Operation SandScorpio.

It's a GDI command mission (don't worry, you will get wheels and tracks) in a 62x62 map.

There will be new features, maybe you can take advantage of them in your future missions.

In practice are small details that I hope you enjoy it.


The other 2 are already in MAP phase:

GDI - A Base Underground - you have to defend a different kind of base with few resources (no release date);

GDI - Super 6-4 - a tribute to the movie "Black Hawk Dawn" ... sorry - "Down" (NOV or DEC 2011). For those who likes the movie, will see a lot of stuff in this mission. I'm drawing the "whole" Mogadiscio, it already has 118 structures. And there will be more. If there's a limit, we will find it.


I have mentioned these before. Anyway, all of them will have something new to see.



These ones are ideas that will be coming next:

GDI - Liquidators Rally - a Chernobyl plot: a lot of engineers will die trying to prevent an upcoming nuclear disaster;

? - Wrong Turn - a random force mission, because you will never have the same teams in the beginning ... after the wrong turn;

GDI - Tiberium Outbreak - You have to evac a whole village and Nod will take advantage of that, so don't expect to save too many people;

Nod - DMZ - You have to provoke a war in an African frontier and force GDI to engage to reestablish peace, but we all know that will never happen;

Nod - Beyond Visual Range - not related to air missiles. GDI is scouting our sector to illuminate targets for their A10s.


The first missions were supposed to be ready in the first semester.

The others will or may be done after these 3, which in practice will be next year.

Note also that all of the ideas doesn't involve Tiberium Harvesting.

That's it for the moment.

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