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Tiberian Dawn - Parking Lot (single player)


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Parking Lot 61 x 43 Desert theater


Mission description:

A GDI repair depot is fixing damaged armor units and sending them back to the

front, in an effort to save resources.  An off-shore cruiser will launch Apaches

to help you clear the beach before you head inland to destroy these salvagable

tanks.  If we can locate and infiltrate their Comm. center, we may be able to

misdirect some of their A-10s onto their own base to clear our path.


This is my first mission with no base;  sort of my interpretation of what I thought Nod mission 1 should be like.  I was messing around with computer controlled air reinforcements and this is the result.  If you find yourself getting your butt kicked, you will recieve more reinforcements and air support to help.  First it was waaay to hard, then waay to easy.  Hopefully I've found a balance.  Let me know what you think!






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I've played your mission. The most difficult part is when you are attacked by millions of grenade-mother****ers. And it could be very annoying. Fortunately another commando is reinforced and it makes it easier a lot. I generally don't like missions where you have to fight against huge groups of enemies with very little forces. But here it is very well balanced and apart from that I love commando missions  ;). Also I think you could add more vehicles for both sides. All in all it is a nice mission  :beer:.

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1.06b? Huh? Who still uses 1.06b? :|

As far as I know I never put the pavement mod into that. Are you sure there's no sc-elite.mix in your game folder?


It looks like you used CONC... well, ROAD actually looks a lot more like what you're trying to do there.

Maybe I should change ROAD to actually BE pavement. It was supposed to be pavement from what I could see; the graphics you use there are the unused second tile of the ROAD.SHP file.

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