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  1. You replaced original installers with the one from the C&C demo CD?
  2. BTW, I thought that the original French and German ISOs were available from somewhere, or am I making this up?
  3. BTW, IIRC the demo version of RA has a version of h2obomb.aud that is somehow different from the full version, but maybe only in size. My memory on this is quite vague, but you could just compare the aud files in the demo and the full version and check what the exact differences are.
  4. Here are the sounds that I believe to be related to cloaking. Their file names have not been identified as you might have guessed I'm not sure if there are other unused sounds in the German RA, these are the only ones that do not have default file name entries in XCC Mixer. RA_unused_sounds.zip
  5. What patch are you working on? (I haven't checked these forums in a while, so I must have missed some things.) You can easily get the original German SOUNDS.MIX (SOUND.MIX?) from the German version of MiniRA (except I can't remember where I got that and if it's still available there...). [Edit] Here's a download at a German website, I'm not sure if it's the same thing (might be English): http://www.cnchq.de/index.php?content=downloads&dl_id=272
  6. Uhh, I don't remember all of them, but there are two files that sound like they could have been intended for cloaking and decloaking of a Stealth Tank type unit (the Phase Transport in Aftermath uses the Iron Curtain sound for cloaking, and so do units in vanilla RA that pick up a stealth crate - given that you enable stealth crates in RULES.INI that is). There are also unused sounds in the English versions of both C&C and RA, as you of course know. Actually I think that the RA minigunner infantry shot sound is better than the one used in the actual game.
  7. Hey, now I remember I also found that strange. Could be two different explanations to this really: a) The mission which is now one of the two choices for the second Soviet mission was indeed planned to be the first mission at some point (makes some sense as the first Allied mission is in the snow terrain, the temperate terrain would counter-balance it much like the temperate vs. desert terrains in the GDI and Nod campaigns in C&C). b) This has something to do with the internal game logic, in that it for some reason must have at least one starting campaign mission in the data file set. As a matter of fact, (a) seems more likely to me somehow.
  8. This is basically what Nyer said: the forums software does not support not embedding videos [double negation] = supports embedding by default.
  9. Apparently there are quite a few sound/speech clips that were made but never used. Some can be found in the German version of the game (the sounds that is; all speech is of course translated). As for the speech, I remember the Radio 2 Remix has the Allied Thief's line, "Time for a five-finger discount!", which is also not present in the game files. Most other RA music tracks with vocals have clips from in-game video cutscenes though. TBH though, now I distinctly remember the "Upgrade complete" line from Radio 2 Remix (it's repeated several times IIRC), but I never even paid the slightest attention to the fact that it is not actually used in the game, and in fact does not exist in the game files.
  10. An interesting collection of videos: Shareware Oddities Obscure DOS Games
  11. Today a guy dropped by at FED2k Forums and announced a port of Dune II: The Building of A Dynasty called Dune Dynasty. This is an enhanced Windows & Linux port of OpenDUNE, which in turn is a very faithful recreation of the Dune II engine based on reverse-engineering of the original game. Dune Dynasty offers to play in high resolution modes, adds multiple-unit selection, production queues and rally points, and also improves the AI and sound emulation. At the same time, the port stays as close to the original as possible. NOTE: You need the original files from Dune II v1.07 to play.
  12. DOSrockz, have you seen this thread (and this one too for good measure)? Rich Nagel, the author of both, is also a huge fan of the DOS version.
  13. The file archive at Demu.org had finally moved to the Classic PC Games collection at archive.org. It is now possible to browse games by various criteria, including year of release and developer/publisher, but thumbnail view is no longer available. The original Demu.org website is now primarily focused on game research.
  14. FreeCommander is a nice freeware orthodox file manager that supports multiple file renaming. It's also somewhat more handy and easier to use than the command line.
  15. NaSPA Software Library - Games A collection of downloads at the website of the National Systems Programmers Association.
  16. Flight Sim Flypast A nice place dedicated to old school flight simulators. Classic Combat Flight Sims Exactly what it says on the tin.
  17. Here's the cover of Goin' Down the Fast Way: http://youtu.be/2jkDR9ca9f0
  18. BTW, will you be able to host this stuff at your site? (Well, maybe trainers aren't of much interest, although the could be useful for debugging purposes too, but editors are definitely useful.)
  19. Interceptor Entertainment (yeah, the guys behind the Duke Nukem Reloaded project) have announced their remake of the Apogee classic FPS, Rise of the Triad: Rise of the Triad - Interceptor Entertainment website RiseoftheTriad.net - official website News article at Rock, Paper Shotgun blog. Screenshots & concept art: http://www.jeuxvideo.com/news/2012/00060367-rise-of-the-triad-de-retour.htm Official QuakeCon trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhi-7lj7osI#ws Gameplay videos: Excalibat Rise of the Triad Gameplay Video Ownage in Rise of the Triad Multiplayer Gameplay Video Fire is Hot Really Hot: Rise of the Triad Gameplay
  20. Another very interesting thing I've found is a version of SETUP.EXE that allows not only to pick a language from the official three but also select separate devices for sound effects, music and speech: DUNE2STP.ZIP The description on that CD says: Which suggests that this must have been some official release (it certainly can't be a hacked version of the US version SETUP.EXE because the strings with language names on the language selection screen are inside the EXE, not in SETUP*.DIP, and are not present in the US version of the setup programme). For some reason the files is called SETUP2.EXE and the date stamp is November 9, 1992, which makes it a very early version of the three-language edition (the dates on the files from three-language releases are from 1993 already). In fact, the date stamp on the official sound fix available from Westwood FTP is November 23, 1992.
  21. Hm? Oh, yes. I knew that. Took tons of retries before it let me download the damn thing [edit] Huh, I guess the downloads are completely restricted to donators only now? O_o Seeing as neither their guestbook nor forums still work, I sure am not going to try checking if the donation-to-unlock-downloads actually still works. Guess the site's a lost cause. I've grown to dislike Nahoo's site pretty quickly because of that. Charging (even in the form of "voluntary donation" or "premium upgrade") for downloads that anyone can and should get for free is questionable on its own, applying this tactic to outright pirated games (Dune II might be considered abandonware but Age of Empires certainly isn't) goes beyond outrage. Anyhoo, I've just posted a topic at FED2k to sum up the findings so far: http://forum.dune2k.com/topic/24257-old-unofficial-dune-ii-extras/ I've also uploaded a pack of "Dune Utilities" that have been made by Russian programmers circa 1994. I'm not sure if those are the same people who did the 1994 Russian translation of Dune II v1.0. I got these as a part of an archive I got from a Russian site with various extras, the original file name was supposedly DUNE2ADD.ARJ. I've managed to dig up some more references to obscure Dune II-related files that used to be on Russian BBS's back then, but not the files themselves. DUNE2ADD.ZIP
  22. Also found a download for the Dune II - The Building of a Scenario DUNEEDIT.ZIP DUNE2_TR.ZIP - yet another Dune II trainer
  23. I've attached Jens Defendorf's Dune II Unit Editor that helped me to find the first data about Dune II units and structures, that became the basis of your editor. Still can't remember where I got it, and also I'm pretty sure that its file name is not the original one. IIRC the text on one of that editor's screens alludes to some kind of a text file that was supposed to be included with the editor, but it was also absent in the download that I had (I think it was just an exe file, not even zipped.) I've also attached the Dune II - The Building of a Scenario editor, as the download links I had found seem to be no longer functional. BTW, the latest version of Stefan Hendriks' Dunedit is available at his old site. [Edit] I think I've got the Dune II Unit Editor off Nahoo's website. [Edit 2] Here are some old Dune II saved games: DUNE2SAV.ZIP These aren't saves to help you through the game, but actually new levels distributed as saved games. [Edit 3] Even more stuff: DUNE2MM2.ZIP - Dune II Money Maxxer DUN2TRNR.ZIP - Dune II Razor trainer DUNE2PAT.ZIP - Dune II patch with the included READ.ME file (which is not included in the version currently at Westwood's FTP) EDDUNE.ZIP - DUNE II Saved Game File Editor 1.5 DUNE2FAQ.ZIP - Dune Ii FAQ revision 1.3 And suddenly, believe it or not, I've found the original file of the Dune II Unit Editor, which is actually called D2CHT10.ZIP - DUNE 2 CHEAT: The Ultimate Cheat Program v1.0 ^_^ DUNEEDIT.ZIP Dune2-Unit-Editor.zip
  24. Well, I guess this is the correct place to post it You don't want to go into webcomics with me here... we'd have to split the thread, lol. I follow tons of them Which I gladly do ^_^ Somehow I totally forgot to mention Hark! A Vagrant!, which is simply loveable (Pride and Prejudice and Monster Trucks!) I picked many webcomics while reading TVTropes, but knew of some beforehand as they included references to Dune (like this OOtS strip which Edric O mentioned here). I learned of the Penny Arcade the same way but did not like it a lot, although I do like the GIFT theory. I believe Supernormal Step does a particularly good job combining wacky concepts with interesting storytelling, something which is not always balanced well in webcomics IMO. It is also very well drawn, and has nice character design. Irregular Webcomic! is awesome in all aspects, not only because it has LEGOs (Yay!) but it's the excellent humour and incredibly readable annotations that make it stand out In fact, David Morgan-Mar does a marvellous job when he starts explaining science in layman's terms, I wish my school teachers of math and physics had possessed such a talent back then. He's also got a lot of interesting observations on other things too, a certainly enjoyable read ^_^ Aside from Irregular Webcomic!, I also tried other comics made with LEGO figurines, most notably The Adventures of the S-Team. Legostar Galactica seems like it's very well done from the artistic standpoint but somehow it did not interest me much at all. xckd has a lot of nice strips, but not always IMO. Some others that I (have) read occasionally include Scary Go Round (I think I started reading from the middle of a story, then got bored), The Spinnerette (which is rather nice actually), The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (has got entertainment value but is a little bit over the top for my tastes), Trying Human, as well as some others I can't recall now 8-bit Theatre, nice but the story often went on a very slow pace with jokes that were only mildly amusing. Oh, and I also quite enjoyed reading Stupid Comics
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