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  1. Why, it does not require a Pentium II, it's just that it was written when Pentium II machines were available and could (and did) run DOS Actually, there were some quite resource-demanding DOS games back then...
  2. The list of improvements and additions is quite impressive As usual, keep up the good work! :laugh:
  3. For quite some time, Stefan Hendriks' Arrakis had been unsupported by DOSBox, but recently I've found out the game runs fine in v0.74. You just need to make sure the game speed is set to "Pentium I 166", as the default setting (in Arrakis v1.12, at least) is "Pentium II or better", which gets somewhat slow in DOSBox. Also, updated the link to the new website of Stefan's Dune II - The Maker project.
  4. A Force for Good This website is about old PC games, and how to run them on modern systems. It offers detailed reviews of many games, both for DOS and Win9x, and general information articles about where to find old games, and what tools and tricks to use to get them running.
  5. The fix is now downloadable from Nyerguds' site. Thanks Nyerguds! ^_^
  6. I've just been notified of this true gem of nineties' gaming: HappyPuppy (archived copy) This seems to have been one of the most active gaming sites in the nineties, with reviews and links to shareware and demo downloads. Definitely worth of checking it out! Also, somehow I keep forgetting about this very nice FTP archive: FTP Archive at the Polish Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematic and Computer Modelling It's a very nice FTP archive of shareware and demo programmes and games from the nineties, with some rather rare stuff.
  7. If you've got a new, fast machine with a modern Windows-type OS, perhaps you could try running TS through the Microsoft Virtual PC?
  8. Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries is a rather unusual strategy game by Trevor Chan, which successfully combines intense real-time action with sophisticated economy, politics and espionage characteristic of turn-based 4X strategy games. You can not only fight your enemies, but also trade with other nations, infiltrate spies, sabotage, expand your borders by founding new cities, hire mercenaries, conduct research, and even fight mythical monsters and gain support of supernatural powers. Originally released in 1997 (under the title Seven Kingdoms), the game's source code and all data except music had been released under the GPL license, effectively making the game freeware. The community immediately started working on an updated version, and the current build, 2.14.3, is available from Windows and Linux. Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries Project Homepage Seven Kingdoms Wiki Seven Kingdoms copyright information Download Seven Kingdoms 2.13.0 and subsequent patches at SourceForge Seven Kingdoms Encyclopedia Seven Kingdoms FAQ Seven Kingdoms Wikipedia article Download Seven Kingdoms Demo at FilePlanet Download Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries Demo at FilePlanet
  9. Demu.org has got a new look yesterday, check it out! In my opinion, this change is a definite improvement, as with the new design the site has become somewhat easier to read due to the new colour scheme, and definitely much more convenient to navigate.
  10. I am not a member of that forum, so I cannot download it. Oww, I didn't realize we still have those old download permissions that don't let you download attachments unless you're logged in... sorry! I've attached the archive to the first post here. You should try setting XMS to about 4 megs, but completely disable EMS. It doesn't seem to work with EMS on at all for some reason.
  11. It's just a question of parsing: [Dune II [Windows [sound/Speech Fix]]] (and not [[Dune II Windows] [sound/Speech Fix]] )
  12. Recently I've stumbled upon an impressive collection of video walkthroughs for all levels of Rise of the Triad (shareware episode and Extreme Rise of the Triad included, plus a few extras): http://www.youtube.com/user/PsychedelicSA#p/c/7867E6CE6B85FB3C/0/gpqPBku8YvQ All videos are supplied with interesting and witty comments, listening to which makes a great entertainment in itself, apart from the walkthroughs that are rather detailed and in most cases cover all of the secret areas within a particular level. These videos are probably the number one source of in-depth information about the game alongside with the official FAQ. Apparently, the guy who did these videos is a prominent member of Something Awful. As an undeniable confirmation of quality of this video collection, Joe Siegler himself gave it his delighted approval. Another thing definitely worth watching too is this video review of the game, which is part of the Era Game Reviews: Era Game Reviews - Rise of the Triad
  13. Apparently, the project had been put on hold indefinitely.
  14. Ah, the corrupted Ore Truck image. Yeah, I noticed that, but as you said Harvester I thought they really slipped in a Harvester from TD too They did use the TD Comm. Center in one or two of the pre-release screenshots after all
  15. You know, I've been thinking that any game can provoke thoughts like, "This is cool, but it would have been cooler if these or those features were added". Mods and new games in the genre get created this way. But sometimes you need to just accept a game for what it is, and learn to appreciate its features without wishing for more
  16. It's perfectly possible, as there exists a functional AVI to VQA converter, and you don't even need to put the resulting video in a MIX file, the game reads them from its root directory just fine. Also, unlike RA1, you're not restricted by a limited number of possible video file names
  17. Era Game Reviews, a nice series of old game review videos I've found on YouTube, feature both classic RTS games: Review of Command & Conquer Review of Command & Conquer: Red Alert You'll probably learn nothing new about the games from the reviews, but they're very neatly done and pleasant to watch.
  18. Ancient DOS Games Thanks to Dogbreath from dosgames.com for finding this site!
  19. Just check out the trial version I linked to above (at archive.org), it's in English, and hopefully the full English version will be up sometime soon. The game really does feel a lot like Starcraft as Terrans if you play the Onimods, and Age of Empires if you've picked the Botsvana.
  20. Onimod Land is a rather unusual RTS game that looks part Age of Empires and part Starcraft, made by Alexey Sedoff, a developer from Russia. While the game mechanics resemble the two classic titles listed above, the game has quite a few unusual concepts. First off, the two opposing factions are drastically different: you have high-tech futuristic space-faring Onimods against the tribal, magic-wielding Botsvana. Secondly, the sides are not only different in their design, but in playing styles as well; specifically, playing as the Onimods, you can choose one of the three mutually exclusive ways of development, each of which gives access to unique units and strategies. Another important feature of the game is its advanced AI that ensures both smart behaviour of units under the player's control and challenging computer opponents. Onimod Land was initially a commercial project, but recently Alexey Sedoff has released it for free, as his contract with the publishers has expired and they no longer sell the game. The English version is not yet available, but here's a link to the Russian version (the language can be changed in the settings, although, of course, a version with English as the default language would be more preferable): http://astralax.ru/download/programm/ol18.exe Hopefully Alexey will bring up the full English version soon On the other hand, archive.org has preserved the old international official site of the game intact: Onimod Land Official Website (archive) Even the downloads are still functional, but only in the form of a part-by-part download: Download Onimod Land Trial Version (archive) Note that the trial version has some restrictions, most notably the absence of the save/load fature, but it gives a good idea of what the game looks like. Here are some screenshots from the game:
  21. Gamers.Org has several old FTP file archives on their site:
  22. Look, you do understand this game is still sold, don't you? Please remove the warez link.
  23. Browsing through the archives of cd.textfiles.com, I found a demo of Tridonis on a Polish gaming magazine cover disk: http://cd.textfiles.com/cdaction/cdaction40/TRIDONIS/ Also found the official site of the game (in Polish): http://www.aliensystem.com/mirrors/tridonis/ Here are more screenies from the game:
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