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  1. oh its called online poker, you know, something hundreds of thousands of players play around the globe Guess you were too busy making epic tiberian sun videos to notice! lololo 15 min of work...what have you made from begging for donations again? stay out of my topics bruh
  2. Im currently running deep in some big sunday tournaments on pokerstars. Heres my stream if you feel obliged to watch Note- I work at midnight so...hopefully big bucks to call in sick! haha at time of making this - the big 11- rank 14 of 6090- first pays 17K+ sunday storm- 4400 of 9k (meh) top 5400 paid first= 32.5k 3.3$ super progressive knockout (more people you ko more money you get + placement prize) 100 of 1630 - 810 paid- 1500 for first http://www.twitch.tv/itsmewuss
  3. Unknown names + quickmatch only would be the best you eliminate all the issues noob bashing, dodging, 1 map wonders etc
  4. You know why i wont play you, and it has nothing to do with you being better than me. you are ignored online, i never received those messages,ill also ignore you here. gl hf
  5. game didnt show up Time:12/2/2015 2:23:49 PM | IDNO:1910920405 | FS/AM:No | Players:WasGoodin05 ntime4u | Map:Forest Fires
  6. Random thought...perhaps the idea of you must be active to hold rank? lets say kaizen gets rank 1 with 1700 points by newb bashing, next place guy only has 1300, no challenge, kaizen sits for the est of the month. Maybe players begin to lose a percentage of points over a certain period of time? or the higher rank you are the more games you must ply to keep rank? dunno how to explain it..im sick and tired lol
  7. not everybody will be made happy, some are against quick match, some are against mods, some are this and that etc Again...the 250 point limit was set in place part way through a month when players already achieved high points, the real test would be to reset the ladder and see from there.However someone who has say 6 wins and 0 losses with 1150 points,and rank like 10, im currently unable to play vs sexpro who happens to be only 8 ranks higher than me, but 300+ points more This shouldnt be....its hard to find a median Perhaps the top say 20 have to play the top 20? I dunno...just do some tweaks until we find something that makes the majority happy Its clear where I stand...quickmatch (you have yet to confirm or deny if this is even a possible feature) if it isnt, then this idea is pointless. It reduces all forms of dodging, 1 map wonders etc. some players may not like it, just like some (myself included) dislike this old out of date ladder system. On sc2 it tried to match you vs someone around your level, however if nobody was on , say a slow time of day, it would match you with the next available...sometimes I got matched vs noobs (I was high master league early on) or I got matched vs players 10x better than me, it happens, but its random, and thats the benefit
  8. with quickmatch you wont need a point matching system the point of it is you get matched to whoever is on at the time, you may get vs a noob 5x in a row, or vs a pro 10x in a row...its random, and you cant dodge, and you cant play only 1 map over and over cnc kw, sc2 etc have all noticed this and its why the ladders thrived and were cmpetitive
  9. maybe so 350? (23) [06:42 PM] <SexPro> im casnt play whit u (23) [06:42 PM] <MyGDIName> ? (23) [06:42 PM] <SexPro> im not can play whit u
  10. again....quickmatch solves all issues
  11. we havent seen the "250 point range" begin with a reset ladder, but implemented part way through the current month Maybe it wont work? Maybe itll slow games down too much Im saying this because the few times imm on, and someone has a tourny game open, im unable to play. Not a bad thing as this is the point, but when sexpro, kaizen, etc are not online, no point playing a tourny
  12. god this sexpro guy reminds me of when i was 13 Just reset the ranks when everything is sorted, still needs tweeks Personally the 2 ladders arnt needed, however without a quickmatch I guess itll suffice as for the "cantplay someone with 250 pt difference" obviously right now its sorta weird, and people like sexpro and kaizen are just sitting, but once ladder resets itll be a real test run, perhaps do only for the top 5-10 players? we'll know when its reset i guess
  13. Can you type /games in the client and give me the IDNO of the game that did not count? Time:11/17/2015 4:00:42 PM | IDNO:1934360473 | Players:MyNodName puzzibaer | Map:Forest Fires
  14. on topic, just beat puzzibaer, game never showed up on ladder dont overly care but he dc 3 times (counted 5 seconds then he reconnected) and he finally surrendered is there a way to avoid the stat being counted?
  15. fix a glitch where i can make " 6 engs cc and missle way to fast" (said in chat after game) all seriousness tho...gl patching these glitches
  16. addition- I totally understand where trz and others are coming from in terms of mod maps...however, we have a limited player base, the ladder should involve all players (as well as all skill types/map preferences) again...a map pool that features mostly ww maps, with a few mod maps, agreed upon by the community, in a quickmatch/random format, which also takes into account players points when matching opponents. Have something in the lobby showing how many players are in que for a quickmatch. This isnt 2004, despite what trz/jman or even myself might want to believe, you cant just cut the community in half again. Force everyone to play whoever gets matched against them. The top players will prevail regardless, this time, without the frustration of never getting any games vs certain players (sexpro/kaizen)
  17. So I havent been on ts in weeks...finally got some time to catch up heres how you fix this...it isnt easy, but itll fix all of your problems Make ranked 1v1 matches via quickmatch ONLY you eliminate 1 map wonders, you play maps from a pool (perhaps have some mods in there to make everyone happy, agreed upon mods) you eliminate dodging/newb bashing No clue how itll work coding wise, or if its even possible But quickmatch is 100% better than this current older system sc2 had it right
  18. Its goodto see the progress being made, however as someone who has played mostly ranked games in 15 years (when there was a ladder) I have some recommendations to make it better....nothing that im about to say is new Theres only so much you can do with these older games, people are set in their ways, however one thing ra2 and sc2 etc did that is without a doubt superior, its using a quick match only mode for ranked 1v1 play This eliminates newb bashing, dodging, and using only 1 map which...as sad as it is in 2015, we are already seeing on tib sun are there plans/capability of introducing this in the future? I would be willing to sponsor some tournaments or months in the future but when i see most of the online players dodge or only play 1 map, doesnt make for a good atmosphere
  19. also...put fucking quick match in...day 1 and already see people acting afk like its 2001...jesus lol aka sexpro
  20. if you dc you dont get a loss? never showed up on ladder
  21. why would anyone not want to improve? doesnt make sense to me weather its a video game, cooking, your job get better
  22. i was in the moment, we all know trz is king of ts
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