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  1. The point of this game..or quite frankly, any game or sport, is to win. Improve, play, lose, accept defeat, and get better! (12) [11:58 AM] <SwarmingS> join (12) [12:09 PM] * SwarmingS | Idle: 10seconds | Online Since: 2015/10/12 11:46 AM (12) [12:09 PM] <Phenomena> im probabky the best nod player on this game (12) [12:09 PM] <Phenomena> id gladly rape you with nod if u like? (12) [12:09 PM] <SwarmingS> nah (12) [12:09 PM] <Phenomena> i went random, stop crying and improve (12) [12:09 PM] <SwarmingS> Aoc dami and puzzibaer (12) [12:09 PM] <SwarmingS> your not them (12) [12:09 PM] <Phenomena> lol? (12) [12:09 PM] <SwarmingS> gdi rush (12) [12:09 PM] <Phenomena> 3 newbs who play bbg (12) [12:09 PM] <Phenomena> are nothing (12) [12:09 PM] <Phenomena> sorry to burst your bubble (12) [12:09 PM] <SwarmingS> think your special (12) [12:09 PM] <Phenomena> gdi rush? (12) [12:09 PM] <Phenomena> i 4 refed (12) [12:10 PM] <Phenomena> and attacked in 12 minutes (12) [12:10 PM] <SwarmingS> gdi hang your head iun shame (12) [12:10 PM] <Phenomena> thats a rush? (12) [12:10 PM] <Phenomena> thats 1 game (12) [12:10 PM] <Phenomena> 19 more (12) [12:10 PM] <SwarmingS> never play that faction cus its too easy (12) [12:10 PM] <Phenomena> if u win 1 ill quit ts (12) [12:17 PM] * SwarmingS | United Kingdom 2015/10/12 05:17 PM (12) [12:17 PM] * SwarmingS | Other Names: SwarmingS Avoidance (12) [12:17 PM] * SwarmingS | Idle: 5minutes, 13seconds | Online Since: 2015/10/12 11:46 AM (12) [12:18 PM] <Phenomena> its like telling a sports team not to score any goals (12) [12:18 PM] <Phenomena> obviously i have skills if you lost (12) [12:18 PM] <Phenomena> or do you not understand english? (12) [12:18 PM] <SwarmingS> one ref and all attack units (12) [12:18 PM] <SwarmingS> silly player (12) [12:18 PM] <Phenomena> again you miss the point of a video game (12) [12:18 PM] <SwarmingS> you wont get no were like that (12) [12:18 PM] <Phenomena> or any game (12) [12:18 PM] <Phenomena> its to win. (12) [12:18 PM] <Phenomena> why would i play you for 1.5 hours (12) [12:18 PM] <Phenomena> when i can win in 4 minutes? (12) [12:19 PM] <SwarmingS> e huge amount of inf and attack (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> you make no sense boy (12) [12:19 PM] <SwarmingS> its pointless (12) [12:19 PM] <SwarmingS> you know why they say no eng (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> how is it pointless? (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> if i win, it isnt piointless? (12) [12:19 PM] <SwarmingS> its because its a stupid way to play it (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> think you got th wrong game here (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> go play sim city (12) [12:19 PM] <SwarmingS> like your dizzy (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> u can make big bases! (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> or maybe starcraft (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> big sexy bases (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> youll enjoy it (12) [12:19 PM] <Phenomena> this game isnt for you. (12) [12:19 PM] <SwarmingS> dizzy rush with it and think your betyter and you won (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> i dont think im better (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> i know im better (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> <3 (12) [12:20 PM] <SwarmingS> you were boring (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> and you were shit (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> point? (12) [12:20 PM] <SwarmingS> i dont rush (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> yea (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> and u also dont win (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> so.. (12) [12:20 PM] <SwarmingS> never have i win easily in my own time (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> is english your first language? (12) [12:20 PM] <Phenomena> i would understand your stupidity if it isnt (12) [12:20 PM] <SwarmingS> i stare down a rinosurus and take it down at full strength (12) [12:21 PM] <SwarmingS> i dont ham string it and put it out of its missery (12) [12:21 PM] <SwarmingS> with a gun (12) [12:21 PM] <Phenomena> what are you soking? (12) [12:21 PM] <Phenomena> smoking (12) [12:21 PM] <Phenomena> can i have some? (12) [12:21 PM] <SwarmingS> you poached your wins (12) [12:22 PM] <Phenomena> this is a video game (12) [12:22 PM] <Phenomena> not the planes of africa edit- im bored and everything is closed today, plus this ts section is dead note- ignore the "probably best nod player on this game" corps and ollie <3
  2. do new players a favor, and delete this thread lol
  3. Hey joe... wuss aka reid here can I make a suggestion...one that would greatly benefit the TS community as a whole. can your first objective be to teach Mechacaesel how to properly put a shirt on. Seems he never learned in seriousness...start with some modders....think "jonas" (some conflict player) has shown to want to get better omfg if you turned nodrescue into a non whiney excuse for a human and an actual decent ts player, you should get the Nobel.
  4. Id be happy to ref/stream the games, however participating in this doesnt really interest me. For a 1v1 tourny...I can name the top 3 finishers by now...why waste the time? Almost the same for 2v2...the player base is so small that itll basically be the same 4 or 5 players going for a prize. Totally understand that it should be skill based, however at the same time, id want to include as many players in the community as possible (hense my last thread) having a bunch of players being picked by several captains is a dead end...weve done it many times before...its basically the top players refusing to play with the newbs...the same friends only playing together, and after a week it dies out. Unless its maybe an "only 3v3 and 4v4 tourny" anyhoo....gl, ill ref if im online
  5. Id like to nominate c0rps computer monitor into the rank 2 position, bumping trz down to third place...or as he calls it...eventual suicide
  6. yer old news smelled he was spawn day 1 lol
  7. i call bs on some1 actually lying more than trz! in fact... TRZ FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!! ill be your first lady
  8. 2004 called, it wanted its topic back
  9. sorry its hard to explain when its all in my head...and im tired lol so basically if people in the same "tier" play against eachother its just a basic best of 7, maps are chosen either at random or if both players agree. Although I understand the no mods thing...just trying to accommodate for everyone...was thining of only a select few, such as green moon, grays, atombombu etc Basically say we have 60 people sign up, we rank everybody (take a week or 2 to play with players we dont know, see where they fit) and then just do maybe a random ladder format? whats that site...you put names in and it randomly puts people against eachother So yes...a normal set up, the handicaps are just there to make it more fair for lower players to play against you or me.
  10. This may be bad timing as im severely hungover and havent slept yet lol, however ill try to explain the best I can with a tourny idea. Firstly..there will be some people who think this is dumb, not a true "see whose the best player" type of tourny (mainly trz), however the goal here, as it should be, is to gain attention for a dying game, to involve as many players of all skill levels as possible., and to make it relatively even for everybody. If the player base would rather a traditional cash tourny, may as well just have trz go vs carnage for the prize and skip the bs inbetween. So, we rank the players based on skill in 4 categories, 1-4- This will be based on everyone who enters, the community knows who belongs where The top players will be in category 1- examples- trz, carnage, (me on a decent day lol), greyhonda etc 2- slightly below these players, but can still hold their own, people such as fo0dlion, nate, dogshigh etc 3- Players who have basic knowledge of the game, but cant really compete vs the top 2 tiers often enough, players such as- nodrescue, mecha, some modders come to mind, players who know how to play, but just arnt top notch the bottom tier are the complete newbs, people who are very new to the game, perhaps play ra1 etc. Lets be honest...these players would stand 0 chance vs the upper tiers. Again, the point of this is to make everyone in any tier have a fighting chance to win the tourny. The games would be a best of 7 (first to 4 wins). However to balance out the skill differences, I was thinking of giving the higher tiered players a handicap. tier 1 vs tier 2- Tier 2 starts with a 1 game advantage...meaning they only have to win 3 more Tier 1 vs tier 3, they have a 2 or 3 game advantage, meaning the lower ranked player has to win only 1 or 2 games For tier 1 vs tier 4, players like trz, myself etc should NEVER lost to a player of this category, doesnt matter the map, skill and experience should 100% always win. To counter this, and make it potential for tier 4 to win, id suggest either a 1 game win OR being able to last a certain time limit... say 25minutes in game vs a tier 1 player. If a top player cant kill a complete newb in 25-30 minutes then the newb advances.... obviously players who lag would either be adjusted or not allowed to enter the tourny at all Players who pretend to be shit before the tourny, and get put into a lower tier than they should be in, are disqualified. For tier 2 vs 3, have tier 3 a 1-2 game advantage Another "balancer" would be to allow the lower ranked player to always choose the map and starting positions. Certain maps will be selected (include most fs/ts official fair maps, some mods as well. Anyhoo this may be scattered, im barely alive right now. Again the whole point is to keep it somewhat even for EVERYONE, in order to promote this great old game, and hopefully teach some players. The "elites" should have no problem with this.
  11. humble...your a bro but quite annoying reading this stuff here lol you can have at least 1 spectator for every tourny game...so just find some people. sharing logs isnt an issue...tracks your nicks also...i have a really great tourny idea that maybe ill shar with you a little later, makes it quite fair for everyone (all skill bases) instead of having the same 4 people fight for 1 lol
  12. oh...thats why you ban anybody remotely good from your games gotcha
  13. awe ts must be dead, you can never get games!
  14. hey mecha, can I see you upload this gameplay video plz?
  15. rofl "sea zeck" hope he cannot reproduce...you say you dont want noobs to join and "waste your time", then the next sentences you want a "noob to join so I can pwn him" news flash, your below average at best, 75% of the server can beat you mecha.
  16. you know when nodrescue verbally abuses you, that are are in fact complete shit +1
  17. i work long hours and usually not in the mood for intense 1v1 terrace games....usually prefer chill 6ers or 8ers these days where I can just fuck around lol
  18. mr frodo not sure where you got that idea, but units built, killed etc have never meant anything with the ladder its just been how many points does each player have
  19. ive retsrated several times...they claim to have as well
  20. Says game files incompatible (ts-spawn.exe)
  21. no humble he only bans those better than him so about 87% of players
  22. sigh I just read like 6 posts and had to reply here first off all Tahj and every1 else at cncnet, thank you for showing progress in the ladder, its a great step in making your server that much better! Also...although TRZ means well, he is a complete arrogant prick at times, so dont take his criticism as hate also, ignore mecha completely. Now on the topic... participation points could work, if points else where work accordingly. I noticed that (as of right now) its ONLY 4 points for a win, and 1 point for loss. This is 4 points for a win vs any opponent. I believe one should earn more points based on your opponents rank. For example, if a player with 150 points and rank 500, beats a player with 670 points and is rank 1, then the winner should receive say 50 points instead of 4 There should also be a form of negative points...to keep players from only newb bashing and never losing anything Maybe have an elo system, have everyone start at 1000 points? That way you can eliminate the "participation" points all together, and have a simple positive/negative system the old ladders worked something like this, each player has 0 points winner +32 loser -0 next game, same winner +29 loser -0 next game, loser wins +38 -10 And say rank 1 with 600 points beats mechaceasel with 0 points rank 1 should receive only 1-2 points for the victory, whereas if mecha won, he should receive more, old ww ladders were +64 (most amount of points you can win in 1 match)
  23. the number of people on this game that value your opinion: ZERO
  24. ladders looking good man one question...do all players in the game get a minimum of 1 point? including spectators/losers?
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