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  1. Isnt the murder rate in chicago high than that in iraq? lol But ill add it to the list!
  2. Huh? When you play a game for as long as some of us have..in this case around 15 years...you make connections and meet people from all over the world. Now that we are older and have the power to travel, why not use these connections? Your point is invalid.
  3. Meh i havent traveled...like i went to punta cana last year with the family...but never actually seriously traveled...its something i want to start doing...and since some of the guys we have played with for years live all around the world, figured why not start here
  4. I havent been on lately... Ive recetly broken up with my girl...it was her house (shame on me lol) so im currently looking for a place with a buddy of mine....my tv, computer etc are basically at her place waiting to be moved. So ill be back in sept to annoy the fuck out of you guys. However this has a different purpose....this relationship, and eventual decline of it, has made me realize that I have a lot to work on, on myself. My job...despite paying well and being a career, is like any other job...we are somewhat miserable, the hours I work are insane...usually say 2am-11am. Ive had many friends move away and have yet to replenish that pool, when you are with someone and especially live with someone, it really limits to your free time to build your social circle. Long story short....new place in sept...starting "over" so to speak...my kill count is at 3 for this week lol...was on vacation. So this threads purpose, after this Dr Phil moment...I plan on travelling...maybe in september...maybe next year...regardless...if there are those of you that want to meet/travel to new counties/whatever, lets talk here Personally id like to one day travel to europe...Daz is in ireland...nate and some others are in UK. I might do a road trip to the states, buddy lives in virginia...but id be down to go to texas/cali/wherever corps lives to teach him some basic ts skills And vice versa...I live in Ottawa, Ontario, if anyone wants to travel here i can house you That is all.
  5. ^^^ if this is that mechaceasel guy...then just ignore what he says, guy seems mentally and likely physically retarded lol and it really depends what category you consider as the "best" players... ive likely won more month rankings than anyone else on this game, yet i wouldnt even be top 50 all time skill wise lol Some amazing 2v2 players struggled in 1v1 games some 1v1 pros struggled in 2v2 games Many of the "top" players of all time struggled on anything except terrace, some owned on every map There are so many variables....in saying all this, my top 3 of all time would be 1. Trz 2. Trz's cousin 3. Mechacaesel
  7. Im usually home from work around 11am est and free until the gf gets home around 5pm, so I have time to test some stuff out for TS if needed.
  8. I stream a variety of stuff when im in the mood, from Overwatch on PS4, to Tiberian Sun www.twitch.com/itsmewuss
  9. want a tip on how to get better? dont play giants map.
  10. the map issue has all been worked out its just getting the coding up and running.
  11. at the same time m8, whats the point of having a ladder if we know who the top 3 are anyway? Id rather wait for something that will force playing vs everyone, and force people to play on multiple maps, than the same static system we have had for 15 years
  12. heres the quote Last time we had the ladder running we ended up with a lot of problems, players refused to play against each to other avoid losses. They dodge good players and hunt for noobs, go fake afk when a good player joined their room etc... When the ladder goes back online then I would like to have these problems fixed first, forced quick match seems to be the only solution for that, but it's a lot of extra work sadly. So currently I'm not working on it, this also won't change anytime soon. tahj is working on ladder related things currently though, like clan support and clan games (ranked 2vs2 etc..). But that will probably be available for tiberian sun and yuri's revenge only at first
  13. there was a quote i wanted to bring here from 1 of the owners of cncnet regarding the ladder its something like "when we can figure out how to get rid of dodging and all the issues we had with the ladder, then and only then would we bring it back" and something agreeing that a quick match system is the only way to go all of which I 100% agree with.
  14. If you did these things back then, then you could easily compete with kaizen and nodrescue today. They are all equally shit
  15. Are you assuming my emotional status?! This is 2017, stop projecting! #lol#fistyourself#trumpwins
  16. Bets ts player of the current ~150 still playing 149- Nodrescue 150- Kaizen
  17. Side note....having been completely embarrassed by tiger on ff in like 4 m in...ive noticed a few things....you know when you take a break, and come back...your slower...dont click as fast...make mistakes you wouldnt have made before, or in the past. Im doing all those...except I didnt take a break haha Just gotta play more intense games and get shaped up so team NA can defeat Germany
  18. alright bitches heres #2...honestly I didnt read the questions right before starting this...and I hadent slept...and blah, but here we go I cut it out because I went on a rant about idiots in the community (nodrescue and co, mechanewbceasel etc) however...ill save that for another time lol https://soundcloud.com/user-127560524/wuss2
  19. If it was anybody else accusing you id say good job, but when I see nodrescue... Why even bother taking a SS? Guy has played more than anyone and still blows. Him and mechaceasel same idiot? Lol
  20. Didn't get to it, gf and I lounged all weekend lol, I'll have time today after work
  21. As stated in our pm, this was not meant to start anything...dont want an argument etc etc, not interested in any of that. I just answered the questions asked to the best of my knowledge and from what I remember. Granted most of this this was 10+ years ago so who knows.
  22. Haha thanks...i started doing a second one, got a bunch of questions via pm, got about 12 min into it, gf came home...and i listened to it, i was...too drunk haha ill have the next one up hopefully sometime this weekend
  23. and what dont you agree with my love? ask me more stuff, ill do another
  24. sorry who are you? me and lilwaamp and co go way back...balto2288 etc FoC clan lol, i was GoFocAcat
  25. alrighty just did this...couldnt setup my camera, but I think a podcast style is better anyway. let me know if this doesnt work...im not overly competent with techy stuff lol if anyone has any other questions ill do another! https://soundcloud.com/user-127560524/wuss1
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