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  1. My biggest tip i could ever give for getting good at tiberian sun is to ignore anything mechacaseal says the guy is a walking joke.
  2. id also like to announce the trade of sol from team phenomena for nodrescue OR kaizen from the free agent roster, I believe any of these players cant be worse than sol.
  3. well since im considered the best ts player in history, ill have to choose a total newb to make it even thus i announce i choose corpsmakr to my team
  4. if its randomly picked teams, im in
  5. my whole point was if the ranking ladder for 1v1 was ONLY WITH QUICK MATCH, then a SELECT FEW mods should be added in the map pool however, if custom ranked games are going to be included for 1v1, then I agree with punk that mods shouldnt be allowed.
  6. i probably love playing mods more than any other great ww player on this game....but there is absolutely nothing fun about playing you guys on these retardely huge maps where EVERYONE chooses nod and makes sams/rockets/banshees for 55 minutes....EVERY GAME how that is any fun boggles my mind bring back grays where some actual skill was needed lol
  7. umm i think we can all agree that any map with hidden units/ "cheats" on it shouldnt be allowed However there should be mod maps, aka maps that were created by someone ideally maps that do not have speed, infinite power.... free radar i really dont care, but if you want to have "the maps must apply to ww style rules" then take away free radar too Maps I would include off the top of my head are - bbg, green moon, abombu, sebs new map, grays non speed version again, this should be ONLY for the 1v1 ladder, should be ONLY if there is a quick match function (which in all honesty, I think is the best way to go for a 1v1 ladder) Trz does have a point...if say he wants to play corps for a 1v1 tourny.... I would like most 1v1 ladder games to be via quick match, however maybe an admin can host "special event" games ...like feature top players in a 1v1 ranked game, and allow spectators or stream it However I truly think having the allowance for custom ranked games will only make people noob bash (not everyone..but lets face it, most people do, even im guilty of it) Mod maps are a part of TS.... have been since almost day 1, thus the map pool should at least have a few fair balanced mods to the list of vast ww/fs maps to choose from again, via quick match, the map choice would be random (or if say there are 20 maps in the pool, you can veto 5 of them in options...sorta like starcraft 2) I have no clue how this will all work coding wise, or if its even possible.... but to avoid splitting the community (which happened time and time again in the past) this is the path we should take Include everyone, make everyone happy... besides... mod map or not, bunking or not, if you match me or trz against nodrescue on bbg, he would be lucky to win 1 game out of 100.... so im not really understanding the argument of not have some mods on the ladder.
  8. do whats better for the game, not just 30% of us
  9. Thats essential what im proposing Unfortunately most mods that people currently play have infinite tiberium... quite honestly it shouldnt matter as the better player should always win. Having said that...im all for changing things up a bit.... I love forest fires, I would 1v1 on that map every game if I could, just as some players may only use bbg, or terrace. But thats my point...I want to avoid 1 mapping, bring in a wider skill range (yes i know the good players will still be favored despite the map), but this game is 15 years old, change things up a bit lol For example...when xwis was active, id have a tourny set with FF, kapa would join, demand terrace. I would say after this, and he would refuse. Is he better than me? sure I guess.... but quick match would force great players like kapa to think outside the box a little The other reason we should add some mods is to avoid separation...yet again There are only a handful of players, what would be better, having 40% of the active people play ranked games OR try to get EVERYBODY to play them? Maybe even nodrescue would hit quick match in hopes he gets something he can bunk and make banshees on...who cares Basically I just want as many people as possible playing ranked games, both 1v1 and clans. Not sure why some players (chris...you dont even 1v1 lol) who are in the top like 5% of skill, should even worry.
  10. also this is for 1v1 games only clan or team ranked matches should be setup via custom game
  11. and quite frankly, I want as many people playing ranked games as possible not segregate it like weve done in the past time and time again its time to learn from previous mistakes
  12. You really cant help yourself causing shit can you Trz you are a good player, but your one of the ones who will ONLY play terrace Its not just about the handful of good players, it should cater to everyone.
  13. So this thread will be regarding the eventual ranking ladder, and how I believe it should be approached to keep it fair and balanced for everybody. This is also assuming you can implement a "quick match" type feature to the game. So as stated, i believe the best way to have a ladder is to use a quick match system. This eliminates so many annoying things with past ladders on these older games 1- Drastically removes newb bashing If you get matched vs a random player, you eliminate people picking and choosing who they play aganst...for example, myself being a good player, it makes it so i dont play complete newbs for my rank Other games us an elo type system, matching like skilled players together...unfortunately the player base is not big enough for that, so it should remain random. Have it like the old ladder, if you have 900 pts, and you match against someone with no points, well if you win you get 1 or 2 points, but if your opponent wins they get say 64 2- Eliminates playing on only 1 map Most top players prefer using terrace...sure its a great map, but when thats the ONLY map people play, it can be annoying and not entirely show whose the best. There should be a map pool along with the quick match, that picks a random map for the games. The maps should be equally fair for gdi and nod, and all starting positions should be pretty even (example- not seismic, where both left spawns get a lot of blue tib) The maps should include all fair ww/firestorm style maps as well as some fair and acceptable mods (to make everybody happy) -some mods I would add would be- Bbg, green moon, conflicts, (i hate to say battleday...but put 1 speed mod in there), aatombombu etc etc Have a huge selection of maps forces players to learn, adapt to new situations, and play more than 1 map. Colous should be random... Thats all I can think of for now It should be built for everyone, and attempt to make everyone happy. Modders will play for the hope of getting battleday or conflicts, and the very best players, it really shouldnt matter what map is picked because they should have the skill and experience to do well on any.
  14. what video software do you use? can you recommend any decent free ones? I have some videos id like to edit....dont know squat about the software
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