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  1. How is corps wrong? Like 5 people made up the top 30 lol Also, I quit playing because a)ill never be as good as Trz and cousin b) no interest c) apparently its a no-no to not wanna play vs nose. #Mola4eva
  2. Hi Mr Katsemoto, would you like to join my clan -FOC-
  3. Yo Sean 2003 called, it wants its dedication to a non dead game back.
  4. Nah m8, its true I swear. Ask my cousin.
  5. Nah bro...its true because I said it was.
  6. So what you seem to be saying is...that for some reason...I am purposely avoiding playing you? That seems highly preposterous and improbable, why would I ever do that? <3
  7. I have 2 screens, i trade, watch youtube etc, if I do not set my settings to "show only on 1 screen" then TS constantly minimizes and is unplayable. Normally I fix it before i click ladder, sometimes I dont, sorry?
  8. Because i cba to post unless its specifically to annoy you somehow. As much as I love talking about "whats the best bo 23 years later", id rather call you out on your BS Maybe thats my own issue....none of us are perfect. Except you obviously. But back to the topic...what do I win for completing this challenge?
  9. On topic- Let me Dr Phil this a little Unless the rules created by the admins or the community say otherwise, smurfing is totally fine....sure it can be considered lame, but until its 100% banned and enforced, there is real no issue with it. So Corps, you run the risk of having people change logs to beat you for more points...its not ideal, but thats on you for now. As for harv bombing...I mean...a wins a win. Now that cheats are 100% stopped, whatever you do to win a game is fair play. If you manage to see the harv, and kill it before it touches your base, the opponent is behind in eco. If it gets into your base...that sucks...but the player sending it took a risk and a eco disadvantage. So again...cheap...but totally fine. Now for the fun part. Very off topic- My lover Seanathon. You offered a challenge of "I challenge you to go to Strike Team and see how many topics there are me being convicted there are 0 as far as I know" I just gave 2 topics of you being convicted (im sure there are more, but the point is made) Now you can say "well recons happen" all you want...you asked for conviction, we I gave you some. As for the screenshot of me saying that, im actually glad you brought that up, because it actually enforces my point even more. Firstly, as stated in the topic from a fucking decade ago...anyone who knows me knows that a) im like 98% sarcasm and b) given my reputation at the time, I wouldnt actually recon AFTER saying I would....I would just recon if I wanted (although of the things ive admitted/caught doing, recon isnt 1 of them. So, the mere fact that you had a screenshot of me saying id recon, in a game that ended up reconning. And the admins STILL found you 100% guilty of causing it, given your replies, the files we sent, the screen shots etc, just seals my point. ( I should add, the ss you provided was edited, as both of our syncs showed buildings that either wernt there or were there in your ss, as well as your 3 pages on nonsense that didnt add up, which was probably the biggest factor in convicting you- you are unable to tell the truth) But I guess your Korean cousin edited your posted ss's too The thing I really dont understand is the only person you are trying to fool is yourself....Given what ive heard, you are not all there mentally....maybe seek some help? You seem to have lived in a fabricated reality since like 2001 when you first started stalking me lol. (to be fair I poked the bear this time <3) Anybody who was half decent back then knows the truth....but the thing I dont think you get is...nobody really fucking cares today. I cheated...nobody today cares Ray cheated Nobody cares Mola...sorry babe...mola cheated Nobody today cares etc etc The handful of us that knew you back then just shake our heads when you play make believe, and we think its sad. Love you always ❤️
  10. Challenge accepted. Im sure theres more but I gotta go to work Love you all. http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/36666-bagheera-recon-bt4-12-03-05/?p=297707 https://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/89271-teammsktrz-makes-rcbt16-29-08-06/
  11. Not picking sides or anything, this is all cute and fun. However id just like to point the irony of TRZ calling someone else a crybaby Love you. K bai
  12. That video makes me smile because of how awesome that was but also makes me fucking hate you knowing how pissed id be. ❤️
  13. Id be down to play only if I can avoid corps, trz, black, mola, tight4lfe, ollie, axel1212 and basically any1 better than me except a3hitman, ill play him k thx bai
  14. Mola and I would like the MK2 to be completely removed from the game. Thanks.
  15. I mean...not totally inaccurate lololol I bet 100$ you have a small weiner! wait...
  16. To be fair...i skimmed past most of yours and blacks jibberish...assumed it was the 2 decade old argument why you crying about vet maps exactly? whats the difference? Your mad about the more fair, balanced FF because you expanded the wrong way once? boo hoo Theres a reason these fixed maps were made...to fix balance issues, or glitches, expand ares etc, they are superior to the official maps evolve or die.
  17. lol this guys not stable shocking Did you use your food stamps to buy alcohol again? Where did I ever say I was better than you? lol Its the same argument for years, wah wah all i want is terrace I mean...scout the map and youll expand properly hunny?
  18. Leave quick match...its the best thing possible for any real competition. It avoids good players (trz) who only want to play on map (terrace) The maps are fine...add more selection...keep mods, why limit the ladder to like 20% of the people playing the game? If modders want to play, and they reject most WW maps, so be it, as long as the maps are essentially fair. Id prefer larger maps tbh, as i play nod...maps like river runs and FF are perfect for me Tourny rift and throwback I stand almost no chance vs a decent gdi Keep variety, despite what these loud idiots say.
  19. Add Green Moon for mod map pool thx
  20. haha ill just reply here Below 6k? Its possible...we are do for a decent correction....I would be shocked if it did tbh, however im hoping it does so I can buy as much as possible lol
  21. Hi ladies. Arguably the best ts player known in existence here, its Sunday and I have no plans :( Lets do a Ask Me Anything! Can keep it TS related, however im well versed in things like Poker, Crypto, TRZ's cousin, Politics etc Ask me anything! Ill do a podcast.
  22. Game was even id say...id probably win in long term, guy kept wasting stuff in me, likely on 3 harvs....granted I didnt scout him at time of dc Just wondering if its always a draw when dc? https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/2-2018/ts/games/10255
  23. Hey boys. unfortunately I wont be doing much traveling this year...recently got promoted, however just dont really have much time. Im black listed as of Nov 1st-jan 1st since its our rape heavy season at UPS lol, so ill be taking these few months to save some coin and plan accordingly. As of winter/spring next year, ill be looking to travel. May it be Europe or just a drive to the states...maybe Humble we can go to the Creationist Museum in Kentucky? haha
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