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  1. some decents, keep em going!
  2. Trying to create some fresh discussion here... No wonder nobody posts here anymore lol -_-
  3. So I'm at work... Bored.. Haven't been on ts in ages, quit one of my jobs... So lots of free time! So here's the idea, simply ask me anything... Try to keep it semi professional. Some of you I've known for over a decade, some a lot less. Little about me. I've played ts since I was 14.. I'm turning 30 tomorrow lol. Im known as Wuss, or Phenomena. So I've seen it all, I've played with and against the best, been a part of, or directly in the middle of many ts controversies. Bullet points- active tournament/clanner for most of ts history -top ranked CNC Kane's wrath player at the time Simply anything you want to know...I'll be totally honest and transparent, anything ts related, cnc3 related, anything personal within reason is fine too. I'll respond to the better questions via video sometime before Christmas
  4. did he write this with all the free time he had from dodging players during the ladder test?
  5. Phenomena


    the words Kaizen and guide should never be in the same sentence sort've like "mechacaesel" and "losing virginity"
  6. main reason why im never on anymore...is because the only lobby i see up usually has idiotrescue in it lol
  7. On vacation this week... Getting some live events in. Cashed in a 160$ tournament for 74th, $270 Heading back to Montreal soon, I've made day 2 of a the day event. 109$ buy in, prize pool is over $700k Canadian, I'm in the money but not sure of guaranteed until I get there. First place is likely around 150k. Approx 800 players left (of 9k+) so it'll be a grind. Dunno why I'm posting here... Thought of it while pooping haha.
  8. Save your time and energy and dont watch anything with this idiot sure newbs can be annoying...having played this for like 15 years...but everyone has to learn somehow this guy on the other hand, has the nerve to run his mouth for years yet is below average at the very best.
  9. Oi it's wuss, depending on the time for Saturday I may be able to take the spot if trz/anyone else turns it down. I was unavailable last weekend. Only suggestion is if I'm vs ray, I get harvester truce on, 600k starting credits, multi FAC, fog of war, and he starts game afk for 10 min. Thx
  10. Having a map like terrace is a double edge sword...on one hand, I love how every spot has a different strategy to it, because, every spot is totally different. At the same time, it creates natural unfairness. A map should have a bit of everything...take The Pit by Seb for example...all sides have blue tib, cliffs, bridges etc, its completely even and yet can introduce many different strategic elements. again, a way to avoid the spot bias is, as stated, play multiple games (best of 7), however that also has its negative drawbacks, such as time. Again, ive been thinking of a format for quite some time, not sure how itll play out, but in theory should kick some ass....however it needs traffic, so thats why im waiting to see how this one turns out first. In the end, its up to xme and humble to decide whatever they like....a tournament is better than none in my opinion, despite some flaws. Its just...sad to see a lot of players (all be it, lesser skilled- aka the nodrescue gang) not even try to attempt to win some money.
  11. Never said u didn't know what you were talking about when it came to ts. Just minor things humble, I'll give u my tournament idea when I have time. As for poker... No clue over lifetime... It's like anything, more you do, the better you get. So 2 years ago compared to now is a huge difference, id say lifetime I'm down... By how much who knows, I can say that online I am down 10-15k... live probably +9-12k.... months like last aren't that common for me given the amount I play (maybe 5 days a month), I just happened to be running hot, 1k in like 6 hours, average i usually make 1-300 or lose my 100$ buying, averaging anything over 20$ a hour is a success in my book lol
  12. Not to be a downer but... I'll point out some issues. Firstly I'll say... I'm glad something like this is being organized. I hope everyone who signs up is able to play and not do the usual...20 sign up, 13 back out/disappear last minute. Also... Who ever is organizing and more importantly, financially supporting the tournament obviously has full rights to do any format with any rules etc as they please. In saying that... I'll talk about a few issues which if not fixed for this tournament, could be implemented in further ones should this tournament be a success. 1. The map. As trz said... We can basically skip the fun and go right to the final 4-6. We know who the dominant players are, this is even more so on a map such as terrace. Perhaps in future tournaments incorporate other maps not only to spread out the skill variance, but perhaps to entice more players in joining... best of 3...player 1 picks first map, player 2 second, tiebreaker something neutral. Secondly, on the same topic as the map, again as trz said, when you get to the better players, spots can mean a win or loss almost instantly. Why use a map where it's essentially a lottery. To counter this, stretch the series to more than 3 games, or again, maybe look into designing designated tournament maps... , such as sc2, CNC kW etc Ideally I'd prefer to stick to we, and selected mod maps for longer series, as that's what makes ts good, different spawns with different strats. This isn't meant to be negative, but to look towards improvement for the future. I'm not on much, can't promise I'll be on that day, however if this is successful I'd be willing to host a tournament later on with the help of those involved in this one, been sitting on an format idea for a while, should include people of all skills, and I'd be willing to put 5-10% of my poker winnings for that month. (Varies, for example last month +4600)
  13. why is my name on here? please dont attach me to anything/use me without my permission. kids...
  14. wuss, lord of mods not wanting to play battleday!? :X lol dont get me wrong, i love a good old mod game, but when the gameplay has now turned into a nod camp orgy sam site fest, it sorta takes the fun out of it
  15. I pop in once in a while when I have a few minutes to spare....id be on more if I saw more than just 3 battleday games up at all times.
  16. Based on the extreme amounts of dodging/1 mapping thats been happening the only solution I can think of is implementing an "random match maker" only ladder system. Cant see why anybody besides sexpro/kaizen would be against it. I know id start playing again if this was in.
  17. Im willing to donate 5% of potential winnings in the 10million$ tournament on march 20th to a ts tournament of my design and structure. Obviously if I dont win anything then ignore this
  18. Havent been on here much...super busy with life...working 2 jobs, just got back from Dominican 2 weeks ago, organized a show of 600+ on saturday. However I try to sneak in some poker whenever I can. Here are a few screens of recent tourny wins or cash game wins. For those interested in poker but may not have the funds to play at a higher level yet want to try to make some coin, I will be selling 50% of the upcomming huge Sunday Million event on pokerstars on march 20th. Its a $215 USD buy in with a guaranteed prize pool of 10million. I have already sold 20% to a co-worker, looking to see if any of you guys are interested. Basically for those who are unfamiliar with staking in poker, this is how it works. If you want to buy a percentage, say 10%, that would be $21.50. You send me the 21.50 and you will receive 10% of any winnings in that tournament. Obviously this is dependant on if I cash or not, its still a gamble, but gives people a chance to potentially win some money, as well as keep my costs down. I plan on streaming my table live on Twitch. Any of those interested in this tournament, or anything poker related please PM me or post here!
  19. final table streaming, current chip leader, 5$ rebuy entry, first pays 555$ canadian http://www.twitch.tv/itsmewuss
  20. One of the reasons ive played less recently (despite having almost no spare time) is because players like you ban me from your hosted ladder games and you wonder why its slow.
  21. ?? wasnt from me... im not on enough to care anymore tbh and weve been over this (couldnt find how to block you on here) i dont "dodge" you because your better than me (which I have no issue acknowledging) , ollie is 100x better than me and id play him 100 times before i knowingly play you once. now shoo, go get rank 1!!!
  22. umm pokerstars is banned in america due to legislation and black friday. black friday was when full tilt poker (led by lederer) basically scammed the its playerbase by withdrawing most of its money, being unable to pay players withdraws. Since then online poker is heavily regulated (the trusted sites) but was banned in america due to its mass negative effect it had. Its currently being legalized in new jersey. Comparing playing for play chips and playing for real money is rubbish. The players are shit and make idiotic calls you would not normally see in higher skilled games. Its like pitting nodrescue against c0rps on terrace. Have you tried earning an income by putting in actual work? from what I gather you live at home and beg for donations from the 30 viewers of your ts videos. I really hope your entire thing is an act, otherwise id be inclined to feel sorry for you. On topic, for those that are interested or may play poker themselves. I intend to track my progress in the new year. I know Dazireland also plays, would be cool to get more cnc players on! Maybe have a custom tournament -60 hands + 57$ to be fair I it 3 nut hands, and got it in with full house vs set
  23. [quote author=Ladder just noticed that picture was from several days ago bitch boy lol. Mhmm Wednesday or Thursday. . yesterday I made around 48ish profit, not a big day, but got my money back from tournament entries and then some. Honestly start wearing a shirt and you'll see your donations jump from 1$ a week to 2$
  24. yes...thats highly unrealistic and happens once for every 389349680 times it doesnt...poker i separate from other gambling games such as roulette, blackjack etc. every decision is in your hands, like anything else, the better you get, the more you study etc, the better youll become The most important part is bank roll management. this used to be my problem in the past. Id have a bankroll of say 600, but would deem it pointless to play for 5/10 cents, so id go to the 50/1$ or 1/2$ games and eventually get raped (better players, higher variance) But if you are a decent poker player, and can have strong bankroll skills (like im doing this time, cheap sit n gos and tournaments, and only doing cash games here and there) ive made ~700 this week and see no slowing down. But you are right, many people just become blind and want the quick lottery feeling.
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