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  1. Ah thats understandable Grant. Too bad though. .. I'm at 13.000 satoshi now, don't have any referals yet. Anyway i'm planning to donate every 45.000 satoshi ($5,-).. I just need a wallet adress
  2. It does look like a scam right, lol. there are so many out there, its too crazy, but i can tell you this is real stuff. I guess only the people on cncnet that knows me will know its real cuz i will never scam, and i've always been helpful to everyone. ANyway this is the real deal, just need to convince people, i only made 7000 satoshi since wednesday, but its still around 75 cents, i will get more with referals too. just a click between games!, thought it sounds funny too lol. just join dude!!! no scam!!!
  3. You don't have to use my referral link, just go to the site itself, all im giving you is an oppurtunity to give, which i think is a great!! i know i sound like a nasty sales person lol, sorry it did increase value x10000 times, many got really rich, and its still growing, but thats not what im trying to say. To be completely honest, i've seen what the admins can do with RA and TS, and its FREAKING amazing, i mean ts is turning into the most impressive strategy games ever with the new update thats waiting to be uploaded, not that i want to push it or something but I'm just creating an opportunity to show appreciation. what better way is there, if you're not donating money that is, then this is a great way!! Just a click every game. Once again i did this without their permission and they don't ask anything from us, im just a player
  4. I expected some hate, honestly i wouldve said the same thing, chem, if i never got into it. I ignored it many times as a friend wanted me in too, i'm like wtf man come on. Anyway, i'm doing this for cncnet, and its not surveys but i understand u only read the first 3 sentences, i wouldve done the same lol. Its just 1 click, on 1 website, between games. If u play 2 hours every day, u can donate $5 to CnCnet every week to show ur appreciation, which is $250 a year, and tell me chem, how long do play CnCnet already? I mean i work hard for my family and don't think i wouldve ever donated my money to cncnet, but now i found a way i can, so i will.
  5. Update: I've been very excited about my idea here, to get some other people along with me collecting coins for donation, and my offer still stands but i just have to delete the moondash link. I thought i collected 10.000 satoshi (1 dollar) with that website, but the amount of which i thought was satoshi, is actually Dash, which is 17x less value. So ima delete that one and edit some text. The other ones still stand. They don't make as much on the beginning, but it will be fun anyway if you get into it. Anyway i'll still be claiming between games for donation. To start off, I’m making about 8 cents per game, by simply clicking "ROLL" on a free website, between the games I play. Its great to do this between games cuz it has an hour waiting time to roll again. The currency is bitcoin and its very popular and known from the free ‘faucet’ websites, where you can also watch ads for bitcoin, fill out a survey, or start ‘mining’ anyway, we’re not doing any of that, waste of time. There are a bunch of sites with faucets, and a few of them are the best( spam free, simple, quick, it’s a real deal right now) which I will provide. Anyway, I made a few accounts on bitcoin faucet websites, that I call my CnCnet Donation accounts. I will donate 100% of my ‘claims’ on those accounts to CnCnet. There are all kinds of bonuses, like the more u claim the more u get, people you can refer, mystery bonuses, etc.. If you already know about bitcoin and knows how it works, go ahead and click on the following links if you like this idea! If you need some more explanation, read introduction first. https://freebitco.in/?r=8966002 (you “roll”, gamble your satoshi with multiplier and gain bonuses, its fun! (I made 20$ playing with it for a few days) http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=28CF0A3EDCE2 (besides using the ‘claim’, u got a lot of offers. I personally like to run offertoro’s videolab on my old phones.) These are my referral links to my cncnet donations accounts. If you sign up using these links you will automatically donate to CnCnet, because I will get a bonus and will donate 100% of my bitcoin income. It would be awesome if you would donate -i'm suggesting- 50%. Or keep it, up to you. I’m pretty sure there are generous players who will donate more then 50% or even 100%. The idea is to get as many CnC players to refer each other (or refer my links) Because we have a great community to help each other out and show our appreciation to Funkyfr3sh and the admins. @FunkyFr3sh : I hope you will allow this funky, for your intentions are not for profit but for our joy. If you do, I suggest making a bitcoin wallet if you don’t have one already, so we can donate into there! Introduction – how it works. Bitcoins are real popular, people that bought bitcoin back in 2007, are rich now. ONE single bitcoin is worth $10.000 while I write this. It was just $9000 last month. Its a great investment, and because its so special, there are many ways to get small amounts for free, anyway lets get down to it: Most Faucet websites contain a digital ‘wallet’ which you can double secure with what’s called a 2FA Code. So you can store your bitcoin with no problem. I personally like the one on freebitcoin, but I have stored all the money I made on an App wallet called Blockchain Okay back to making money between games: When u open up the freebitco.in website I provided above, , You can click ROLL, and u will receive some satoshi, you can play a little Multiplier game to win some more, and u will ROLL more and more with everything you wager. I already make 680 Satoshi (7 cents) per roll, and so it takes some patience, but if u do the math u can make a little money with it. So lets say we are in an 8 player game, all 8 players participate and click the Claim button after an half hour game, we would have 5000 satoshi (50 cents) or more, per game. and - if you want to- dedicate to giving 50% donation to CnCnet. On the link above you'll use my referal link, which will give me a 25% bonus on my claims (i dont have any yet), and again, i will donate 100% to CnCnet. So even if you only make an account you will donate some to CnCNet! (sign up is free easy, spam free ads free, its the real deal.,) My personal ways to make bitcoin: Part of me sharing this is that I want you to know that its been a lot of fun, interesting, and its all free. I’m at $225 so far. I Also lost a $100 on BTC with poker . But don’t be stupid like me lol. (yes gambling with bitcoins is legal in usa) So we know, there are alot of ways to make bitcoin with just a few clicks, you just need a website with a 'faucet' .I've had 2 other laptops and 2 old phones working for me with playing video's, making about $6 a day, too bad they canceled that option, its alot less atm so not worth my electricity anymore. but i aint giving up. Anyway you can do your research. I have some other ways too for if you're interested, ask me (lets just say i'm a techie geek on some levels ;). I’m suggesting you to make some bitcoins. Its gone up a ridiculous 10.000 times since created. The way that works is cuz of a ‘digital signature’ behind left after every transaction, making it worth more and more, you can do some research on how that works. Anyway, even if you only make $1 –which is easily done in your first day -, it might be worth $100 in 5 years. Seriously its not a joke. lets have fun with this I LOVE cncnet games so much, RA2 and especially Tiberian sun, its worth for me just a few clicks in between games. Makes me feel good to donate to them. Also it has potential to use some for tournaments! Play a game with a 1000 satoshi bet, or pay a Pro to teach you. That will make games interesting! Also, for the TS players that know my maps, I will take btc offers to create or fix a map for you!! (which I will donate too) So hopefully I got you hooked! Its free money after all!
  6. I turn off music volume, and listen to terence mckenna or freeman fly in the background. Conspiracies are awesome to listen to while playing
  7. Any luck on the old attachments from old theme? Would love to retrieve those
  8. Haha ok. I'll work on it when i have time, today or tomorrow hopefully. What about removing the timer? and make it a little harder, u want me to add some crazy attacks every now and then? Or instead of winning after timer, an invasion of massive units will come, whatever you want hihi
  9. tell me which missions and how long u want the timer and i'll send u the missions, download XCC Mixer utilities, open XCC Mixer (with admin rights) and i'll tell you how to replace the files. I'll find out where.
  10. Wow it takes courage to post this. Its a real tough journey, but life is tough. being conscious about it is the first step ofcourse. And you just did, now writing things down is the key here. First you gotta have goals, write them down. Really think about your goals, but more importantly why you want to reach them. Make a list and hang it on your fridge. Believe me, a great goal is the most important cuz Its the key to be persistant. Second, Write or track down everything that goes in your mouth. Its hard to keep this habit, i failed, but i am on the paleo diet so i alrdy know what i eat ofcourse there are many ways to lose weight but why you want it is the trigger to all. Life is hard anyway. What u choose to be, Victim or warrior? Pain is inevidable, suffering is optional. learned all this from my martial arts master, and i recommend MA too, to get not only your body, but your mind and spirit in great shape. (Muay thai is great) We learn bad habits from our parents, they did from their parents and so on, the cycle have to break if we want to survive, no joke. And when we learn to be persistant, we could accomplish Anything, truely. Goodluck brother and you dont haVe to do this alone
  11. That doesnt work yet. We gotta wait for the new ts-spawn to be uploaded, then we can use spawn locations in events and trigger owners, untill then u gotta use event parameter minus 1 ( -1).. which means 'entered by any', the best thing to do now is to create 8 different triggers with change house 50 to 57. you can also add 50=spawn1 51=spawn2 etc.. under [Houses] in your map file, and then just use change owner in the main left column in final sun, but that triggers at the start of game ofcourse. and it crashes if not all players are there.
  12. Cool! Yes it will! Like magic lol i made some more tutorials if you're interested., https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/4538-final-sun-create-missions-amp-compstomps-gif-tutorials-ts/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6410-final-sun-video-tutorials/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6380-ts-how-to-add-teams-by-spawn-location-in-your-map/ https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/6277-brand-new-tutorial-for-new-map-makers-create-your-own-mods/ lol maybe too much for u right now, anyway, don't be afraid to ask anything u want
  13. for TS, in Final Sun: -Make sure Beginners Mode is turned off (Options > beginners mode) - Go to Edit> Trigger Editor - Click on 'New Trigger' -Select House: Neutral -Click on the tab "Events" and select 'new event' Pick event Type: '8 Any Event' -Click on the tab 'Actions" and select "new action" Select Action type: '27 Timer Set' type in 600 at the Parameter (600=30 minuts) Now you gotta make another one Click on New trigger House Neutral, Event: '14 Mission Timer Expired' Action: '2 Loser is.' with Parameter: Neutral Thats it. You can name your triggers too if you want
  14. Hey Funky! I know you're working hard on everything, but I just wanna bring up this stuff - no rush though. Just wanna see your thoughts on this First, about the new ts-spawn, its been tested many times and had no problems what so ever. Can't wait for it to be uploaded. Second, we have gathered a bunch of voxels and shp files. (I know dkeeton and you talked about it a bit) Worked really hard on them to make them all work and ask permissions. I uploaded all the stuff for if you wanna look at it, (and for other readers to test it out) It might still need some work but that's no problem, im just throwing it out here already Pack includes: - expand11 (containing a few ecache.mix files with all the files) - Accounting excel sheet with all the information - art.ini - a map to test all of the stuff - and the new ts-spawn (use it to test map) Everything can still be modified ofcourse. We have a google drive with all the files, all seperate rules and art ini files for each new voxel/shp. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6M2MyqeyRCzMlQ3UnNPTHFpTWM/view?usp=sharing
  15. Sounds like a major hex project, somebodys gonna have to pay dkeeton for requests like this lol
  16. Nice!! i like a bunch of them. I got some civilian vehicles too, but i will definitly add these. At least, most of them. Its alot of work tho lol These are the ones i added http://oi65.tinypic.com/mt368w.jpg , http://oi68.tinypic.com/2nq9tdt.jpg
  17. So dkeeton and me are gathering new units, buildings, animations, voxels etc toadd into the game for optional use (for map makers). If you already have some cool stuff and we can use it, please post some. You can find hunderds of awesome voxels made by gamers along the years on https://ppmforums.com/index.php?f=49 or if you find other sources to get some, please do so. Find some nice stuff you would like to see in the game, download the shp file(s), and.or vxl and hva files. It would be great if you can find the codes for art.ini and the rules for in the map file for the voxel you like, or please make some yourself if you have experience, because I'm still struggling with the right codes if the maker didnt include them. - Please make sure we are allowed to use the voxel and let us know the name of the creator and his terms of use. - Provide the link/source where u got it from If you found a whole bunch, It would make it easier for me if you would test them yourself in a single map, and just give me your art.ini, map file and ecacheXX.mix If you don't know how to add voxels/shps, download XCC Utilities and have a look on https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=4037 (but for the most part this message is targeted to people who are familar with xcc utilities)
  18. Awesome. I suck at ra2. Pls make some tuts about what to build and the shortcut keys u use
  19. Ah yeah dude. I guess ur right. But im using this goal to create, dont have to reach it. So you don't wanna participate? I mean just imagine something you would love to play.
  20. I didnt even think about FS, lets keep that off and disable the units. Anyway, To start with infanty, nods light infantry are gonna be robots. Slighty stronger, also a nod scout trooper and maybe a stealth one with radar prerequisite. I love discthrowers tho, maybe make a similar weapon but slightly different. Give medics a secondary weapon or extend its range, speed or increase heal power. edited units will use a different sidebar pic and voxel itself. What u think
  21. Hey TS players, GDI & Nod is very well balanced, bacause when they created it, they had an entire team to work on it. People in business know that it takes a team to be succesfull. So I want to start with a new balance to create. There are some maps out there with mods that are pretty well balanced, but not as good as the original gdi & nod balance. As i scroll through the forum I see people would like a cheaper hijacker, or some would like to have some GDI units builadble on Nod, whatever it is, name here, what you would love to see and play with! So we could create a new balance. We can start together with just one balance that you can import in your maps! We can give it a name too. For example lets name the original balance Original_BALANCE, lets call our first custom balance, NewTS1_BALANCE. And when we have a lot, I will make a little program that can import on of our balance in any map. Keep in mind we COULD use some of the new units that we gonna get, that LKO made for us (click here) (just to tease you a little bit) I would love to have 2 or 3 different battle vehicles instead of just the Titan, same for NOD! We could work it out. We could just keep it close to the original and/or just very slightly mod some original units, that would be a good start for our first balance! So lets get creative!! Comment whatever you think is cool and we'll work it out.
  22. Helll yeah!!! This is westwoods true great invention, to create the game so it can be easy modified. It seems rediculous now to create a software that includes XCC Mixer's abillities, sunedit 2k's abilities, final sun, and all the other editors. A software as rich as photoshop. But oh hell how I wish it exists. Ptapiok has made a real nice program that should be part of it, its called TSWaveMaker. He is now making a program to easily insert auto-ally in any map. But yeah ill just make tutorials instead.
  23. thanks man. I dont wanna spend too much time fixing all of that though, im just a map maker. It will be cool if we can fix all of that, im glad you posted it! I just learned about mix files the other day, and the rest is coming, dkeeton, rampastring, iran and the other dudes are doing really hard work. I think if we can get ts to the version it should be, it would be way cooler, those cameos and buildings are insane! Obviously they have an abbility i never knew about. But i dunno how that works, besides adding units. maybe they cld add the cloning and chrono and yuri stuff from ra2 too. It explains alot that TS has always been unfinished. CnCnet is pretty close to perfect it tho. The admins are pretty bad ass. I on the other hand, just love to play and create awesome custom made maps. And now they adding new shit, i wish i could go in a time chamber and spend years on making and testing awesome maps with new gameplay. And we see great maps like those coming by like sky's tower defense. Or sky's look out. Ptapiok's mission maps, and my own waveloop ai compstomps, race, and TD maps. Its fucking awesome, honestly i play TS cuz of making maps. We gotta keep on moving and bring new shit, ofc its gonna die if we don't, but all this new shit got so much potential. Older games are just dying, but if they transform with the time they could be great! I mean consciousness is rising on the planet. Sorry it sounds lame, but old things dont serve no more, so lets do crazy shit lol
  24. Place jumpjets at enemy banshees if they in a waypoint loop. jj's will shoot banshees in the air which make m attack the jjs and waste their bombs
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