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  1. did excess money get stored into the silos?
  2. CnCNET is great, and since RA source code has been released this is a huge step in improving the game and adding nice juicy features that allow us to enjoy the game we love. Add a replay system, maybe as an option as saving a replay could add more lag to games. Fix bug where you can ally someone who is trying to Engi your building which prevents it from being captured New .ini keywords, this would allow for more control over making maps of all types from nurple to Defense maps I'll list a few keyword suggestions Ability to remove darkness crate as random chance Chrono (superweapon) Crate Size of Nukes/Demo Trucks explosions Force Ore Regrowth on (ignores lobby setting "Ore Regenerates") Crusher Flag for vehicles Helicopter Firing Delay Auto Attack Flag (Tanya for example) Build Speed Multiplier (per unit/building) New Triggers New blank units if modders want to add them to maps. (Like Ferrets Tiberian Alert mod)
  3. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/4-2020/ra/games/133625 Dear ladder moderators, I am reporting on behalf of Crushyboo. The game disconnected 43 minutes in on V3. The time on the scoresheet is the same as the game time on the ladder link. I think based on the results Crush should be victorious based on the vehicles/buildings and air units left. Also, when games disconnect, the unit stats should remain on the page so it is easier to debate these types of situations in the future. This is not the first time this has happened in long games.
  4. on the CncNet5 (RA, TS, TD version) there is usually a flashing green button that says "streaming" whenever someone is live on twitch but it doesn't show anymore. When shall this be fixed.
  5. Open up the map file in Raed.exe. Press Ctrl+T, a text box similar to notepad should appear. Map files are really just notepad files. On a new line at the bottom of the text add this [AutoAllyWaypoints], and assign each waypoint to team A or B. As an example:
  6. open up your map file in a text editor (example: notepad) and add the following [Recharge] Nuke=13 ; nuclear missile Adjust to a lower value to make nukes prepare faster. Every 4 in-game minutes is around 1 minute in real time.
  7. The RA community is the majority, so it seems they are the loudest. TD players are weird but harmless, and TS players seem to banter a lot (at least towards me) and have elitism. RA2 is the whiniest xD. Overall since I am the king of toxicity and troll; I can agree that Red Alert is very toxic. But Ford only keeps the other toxic players in check. As long as you play at a decent level, you wont get flamed. (this shouldnt be hard since RA is all about tanks :D)
  8. If im not mistaken the slow unit build option slows tank buildspeed by 3x. And Aftermath Game enabled limits the amount of factories to 2. Those should be more than enough if you don't want to play against tank spam. Most players on here enjoy the tank rush though.
  9. Originally it is in a mix file called 'redalert.mix/local.mix/rules.ini'. The one that cncnet uses is called spawn.xdp. It's inside the main directory. You can open spawn.xdp with notepad and its functionally identical to rules.ini. I strongly recommend put rules.ini changes within a map file if you want to make changes that you can play with other players online.
  10. Ok, let's say I am making a medium tank. So I would calculate 800/108 = 7. So the time interval is 7. The game adds +1 per frame, per factory that exists, to this time interval until the build progress value reaches 7 and then the clock image animates. It is possible to have the clock image animate twice if you have enough factories. This is measured in Integers not floating points, so decimals cannot be used meaning there are certain breakpoints for lowering the time interval by 1. Also, sorry for the slightly off-topic posts, but I do think the build speed can come into account with balance where any unit that benefits from the faster build time should naturally be less cost-effective (buggys vs humvees for example) All vehicles that benefit from fast build time Buggy, Bike, Light Tank, Flame Tank, Stealth Tank, Artillery, MLRS. (Dinosaurs too xD)
  11. I've found the code in the executable itself that alters the build time formula if a unit has a certain bit-flag is NOT enabled. 25% of the cost is reduced when calculating the build times with these units. This is used for ALL units/structures that are built. TL:DR, Cost/108 = frames per interval. Although not shown, multiple factories simply loops the amount of time to add with seemingly NO cap.
  12. Ford has been doing some research on TD and can confirm that certain units (NOD) have a faster build speed relative to their cost. 25% less time to be exact. I wonder how this could play into the balance of the game?
  13. The only issue i've ever had with rob was that his internet has been shit in the recent months. I always thought commander as a chill relaxed dude who records as a hobby and just says GG after each game. Unfortunately i was wrong. The confusing thing is he doesn't want to solve the issue (which is displayed because he ignored me, robs and anyone who supports him in the slightest). He also has been uploading videos with more passive-aggressive titles recently. The problem with mander ignoring people in this way is the fact that it can potentially put a divide on the community with a sort of "with-us-or-against-us" mentality. Not to be dramatic, but this by definition makes commander intolerant.
  14. nice shitpost, infinite money maps are custom made with rules.ini edits LOL.
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