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  1. I made 3 maps for you. They still require some skill to finish but are a good place to start before attempting the gold medal challenge. Silver: Tanks come in groups of 2, half as often Bronze: Tanks don't come in groups of 2 anymore Rust: If you can't beat this, then please stop playing xD BronMeda.mpr RustMeda.mpr SilvMeda.mpr
  2. Thieves are actually very good on high money gem maps like HJK and V3-Rashodown, or Aftermath in the later stages of the game since you cannot spend all your money as fast. Mechanics are a very cost effective way to fix allied tanks and choppers in aftermath.
  3. From highest to lowest damage output Heavy Light Medium Mediums are the most cost effective though since their health is the same as heavy tank and cost-to-damage ratio is similar.
  4. Can you people please stop getting banned and pleading for stupid reasons. Stop copying me. I am the OG when it comes to getting banned, since I am a legend after all. Now everyone wants to be like AndrewFord and get banned, it doesn't work that way. You can't just become a legend, you must be born one.
  5. as far as i know, countries are hardcoded. Thus you cannot change a counter to allied or soviet unless you modify the game.exe code.
  6. In Red Alert 1 I am the best player. I am a legend.
  7. As far as i know it works with rules.ini entries. You can open a map file in notepad and paste all the rules.ini changes at the bottom of the file.
  8. After some hard work and optimizations, the Allied Speedrun is finally complete. The link will bring you do the playlist, I hope you enjoy! Feel free to make requests and suggestions.
  9. Red Alert 1 Allies Speedrun Videos
  10. Couldn't you just modify the [Maximums] tag and copy and paste it in a map? [Maximums] Players=8 ; ipx layer limits this to 8 maximum Aircraft=100 Anim=100 Building=500 Bullet=50 Factory=32 ; 32 is minimum for 8 player game Infantry=500 Overlay=1 ; special case -- only needs one Projectile=20 ; projectile types, not actual projectiles Smudge=1 ; special case -- only needs one Team=60 TeamType=60 Template=1 ; special case -- only needs one Terrain=500 ; trees and rocks TrigType=80 ; trigger types Trigger=200 ; triggers themselves Unit=500 Vessel=100 Warhead=10 ; warhead types, not actual warheads Weapon=55 ; weapon types, not actual weapons
  11. I don't see my stream on the cncnet client when I begin streaming, It worked before now all of a sudden it stopped.
  12. i think would be cool to add blank units by default so you could then use the blank units in a mod map online or something like that. After all, there are added models like the Rocket tank implemented.
  13. if im not mistaken, when you download the cncnet package, you can choose online full CD edition or something like that
  14. They are Allied spies modified to use C4's. Play the campaign please.
  15. I checked the triggers on one of the variants I played, one of the variants doesn't remove the Destroyed, Buildings, All...Germany! (so it had the bugged win condition) while the other one did so I went with the latter map choice.