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  1. Cruiser ship - damage spread and auto-shoot

    It's hardcoded what targetting types the cruiser is allowed. (meaning it cannot be changed unless you modify the spawn.exe) The spread value changes the amount of damage and area of damage in adjacent squares, with a limit of 1 square distance.
  2. Soviet campaign - level 13, capture chronosphere

    I think only one of the variants has this issue, the other variant works as intended. Unless of course you are playing the patched version.
  3. Red Alert - modding weapon accuracy

    Make sure the projectile isn't arcing. That creates the artillery/cruiser innaccuracy logic on projectiles.
  4. MX mod maps

    It's debatable and based on preference. RA2 mainly consists of tanks as well, but the main difference is they auto-move and shoot while RA1 this is manually done. Production is more important in RA1 since you can't queue up multiple units, so clicking the tank icon as fast as possible is an important skill. I've played and watched both games i respect both skill sets needed to play them at a high level.
  5. MX mod maps

    Lol I'm a Red Alert 1 player, I don't play RA2. I'm also the best RA1 player. If u watched the video, you'd notice I wasn't playing, so you're making yourself look like an idiot. Try me in RA1, you wouldn't dare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U68XXIxC8HY You also lost more than one game lmao.
  6. MX mod maps

    I heard VWWW aka Matt was a trash talker, I'm not a huge RA2 player but even I know this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrUSpH2n_cE Here is an example
  7. u make 1 barracks on all maps that you can traverse mostly on land. As far as time is concerned, you forgot ref+war+LT which is 4700, and one LT cannot reliably stop 10 infantry killing your powers. You should always scout with infantry on all maps regardless (unless you can't travel by land), so you can react to a potential tank rush or see if the enemy is CYing. If you SEE the enemy tanks coming you can meet them half way and killing them en route with Q. Not to mention the ability to create an engineer and fully repair your almost dead CY. It's not about just finding where their base is, its about finding where their units are.
  8. QuickMatch Ladder Testing

    Maybe someone [me for example] could make fair editions of standard maps for the quickmatch, for more variety, assuming there will be a map pool.
  9. QuickMatch Ladder Testing

    I would like to test the ladder
  10. No need to scout?!? If you don't make infantry, you will lose your power plants to the enemy scouting infantry. All pros make a barracks. If you really want to test your theory you can 1v1 me, any map. Even in big maps, you make a barracks, which makes it easier to attack and defend against the enemy. I'm arguably the best player in RA so i know what I'm talking about, trust me.
  11. It depends on the map. Being aggressive doesn't mean being reckless with units. It means applying pressure, controlling the enemy instead of them controlling you, etc. The best defense is a GOOD offense. BTW don't listen to X3m, he forgot you should build a barracks, and scout the map as much as possible (and incase the enemy infantry rushes). Also radar dome isn't needed to make teslas, which again; X3M doesn't know what he's talking about. Consider asking AndrewFord for advice
  12. red alert newbie question

    hmm, that seems weird. Wait, you started off with a "harvester". That isn't possible unless there is preplaced units (a modded map for instance) I think what you are refering to is the MCV. First, select it, then left click it again.
  13. Most Useless Unit in C&C?

    Thieves are actually very good on high money gem maps like HJK and V3-Rashodown, or Aftermath in the later stages of the game since you cannot spend all your money as fast. Mechanics are a very cost effective way to fix allied tanks and choppers in aftermath.
  14. From highest to lowest damage output Heavy Light Medium Mediums are the most cost effective though since their health is the same as heavy tank and cost-to-damage ratio is similar.
  15. Can you people please stop getting banned and pleading for stupid reasons. Stop copying me. I am the OG when it comes to getting banned, since I am a legend after all. Now everyone wants to be like AndrewFord and get banned, it doesn't work that way. You can't just become a legend, you must be born one.