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  1. most of us are here for fun! Just keep playing and enjoy yourself! like humble said we were all new. I still remember being new. I have been playing 15 years and I still have days It's going to be hard to play from a wheelchair and the iv is going to get in the way, but I will still play welcome to ts enjoy your stay!
  2. I agree it would be nice but not as the only way
  3. There are lots of games posted to youtube. hop online and you can spectate games to watch and learn a great way is just to play, learn a little, watch, play some more. some won't let you watch some won't let you play. but most will. most of us don't bite....lol come play it is the best way. playing against people is so much more fun!!! several strategy guides in the forums do a quick search mole40k has a good one. play tips when you join a game too!!
  4. I have seen many new players in the last year, many of them are sticking around. Several have gotten very good for the time that they have been playing. They are fun to have in the room. lots to list but the one that most stands out to me is mew! plays great now, in a short time. doesn't complain or break the rules an all around fun person to play with. many others like him. we try to be welcoming and not go too hard on new players, and take the time to help them with how to do things they ask for help on. lots of sharing in the lobby many helpful people around! !chat -- is a good thing. saves a lot of time..lol these things we are already doing and acknowledging the helpfulness of the players I hope helps, feels good to see some decent peeps playing! keep it up! I forgot to bitch. here it is bitch whine whine complain sob cry complain grumble.. sorry i almost forgot
  5. seeing all games while in a room is a much desired feature. has been on the my wishlist since I started playing cnc, a long long time ago. now we send someone to look and report back. when it is slow it would help the most, to consolidate games and players. when in the lobby that information comes anyway and looking for a few seconds while in a game room would be an insignificant amount more.
  6. Is it possible that your internet connection dropped? As Funky stated, the logs show that you disconnected omg trz, dc'ing so you don't lose shame on you..
  7. A limit not daily but per tournament cycle, against a given player? The point limit I don't think is a bad thing. and would be better when in effect for the full tournament cycle, playing those in your general class would help keep things challenging for both the experienced and the newer players. less dodging, as you would have to play those in your class to advance esp. at the end of the cycle.
  8. my butt itches, quick implement qm
  9. quickmatch will magically produce someone within the 250 point range? that's awesome!
  10. awful kind of you to accommodate us this way. again cncnet raises the bar! Players>> Please post your gratitude and respect to the people who did this wonderful job for us. well done! Thank you.
  11. open both (or) all clients at the same time??
  12. energy, probably wont be any argument...since no one is saying we can't play what we like..
  13. almost all mod maps currently in circulation have at least a minimal amount of modified units and buildings again a lot of petes maps change the power value harv speed mcv cost and max the quantity to 2 hope we stay aware that modifications to the game can be a different thing than modded units modified maps, modified units, and other changes to the ini are all in a sense modifications to the game itself so whitelist maps so no sneaky changes get added and let the two people playing that particular game decide what would be ok for them? if player a is ok with it and player b is ok with it who are we to say they can't they can say no then not us say no now i own a pair and will decline a tourney game if I do not think I can beat whoever on whatever map they chose. we'll do the thinking for you.....not
  14. a symmetrical map, floats my boat, i'm easy... your map is rather nice and different!!! not a big fan of modded units but fun for a change more variety in the layouts some closer some farther some with dead, space some without.. seem to have more crazy fun pitched battles on the mod maps not that I haven't seen some wicked tezz games in my time the changes pete uses, I listed before seem to make the games more fun I will try to articulate why I like them, others have their reasons, I never asked them number 1 > different layouts, I didn't like mods till 3 or 4 years in, now if I never see tezz again it will be too soon.. lol numberr 2 > 6 and 8 player team play ww maps have it too i like trying to work together with random players better than the other team number 3 > team maps with chokepoints to fight over little important micro battles to make things interesting variety is the spice of life! faves of mine over the years waterworld 7 siege map. bunker up so i can try and crack you open like a walnut. way more fun played without emp xfactors (entrance edit) played gso defend the entrance or die! land of death >> cabal map! little speeedy visc pyramids >> with a few dozen baddies to unleash on your enemy! forever better >> team play with chokepoints carnage 3V3 team play with chokepoints e v w gso close quarters bare knuckle fighting like a bar fight! can go back and forth again very quickly battle day and grays and conflict kinda the same map doc's parking fun except one corner has a little advantage esp. as nod visc maps >> if you are the visceroid wisperer you will triumph but one slip and you die a horrible death! that's ts to me. what do you like in the maps??
  15. ONLY what you feel is right? you arrogant [email protected]%#*
  16. If my proposed solution was no more tezz, mods only how would that make you feel? the new players have no idea what we are talking about it's all ts to them.
  17. Humble, the button at the bottom center of the in game lobby opens a list of changes for the map says warning of the map has not been whitelisted the whitelisted maps are checked by the client so you know that giants is the same giants you played last time those say no cheats but i warn you playing them causes cancer and disfigures your offspring.....lol nodrescue's maps usually have changes something like this power harv faster only 2 mcv but it more expensive giants 3 v 3 The Power value of GAPOWR has been changed from 100 to 1100 The Speed value of HARV has been changed from 5 to 14 The Cost value of MCV has been changed from 2500 to 4000 The Sight value of MCV has been changed from 6 to 10 The Speed value of MCV has been changed from 3 to 9 The BuildLimit value of MCV has been changed from Unknown to 2 The Power value of NAPOWR has been changed from 100 to 1100 The Strength value of VEINTREE has been changed from 1000 to 10000000
  18. i did not understand " Everything quick match. Done, problem solved" to mean just add ranking to every game.. "But you can still play the way you like, but that game will just be counted towards a leaderboard. If you don't care about the leaderboard, then this shouldnt bother you that the game is ranked. It'll just be another game to you." it would not bother me but it would taint the 1v1 and 2v2 rankings because I would still be playing " for fun" I like to join a game that is populated with people i like playing with seeing who I will be playing with, what map, settings. any jerks? in the game with a preference to random teams .. first.. then accept not qm. it would discourage some from playing with inexperienced players, denying them good experience, tainting the rankings for those who do welcome them on their teams adding ranking would not put a stop to noob bashing... i suspect
  19. I think that being able to chose who and how you would like to play with should not be restricted. as it is now, you can look around for a game that is as you like. ranked tournament game as an option. only one way or the other would put out part of the community either way adding the choice to would be more appropriate than removing the ability to altogether, either way I suggest the direction that we go is not to make things more restrictive adding choices is a better way to go than restricting them me being able to play the way I like and you being able to play the way you like, I submit is the better option I feel it should be as it is, and if you want to play qm or tournament you can choose to options lost are not easily regained.
  20. Fair enough I retract that part.
  21. remove all "for fun games" XD we are playing for fun I play all day, for fun! With those I want to, not forced to play with those I don't land of milk and honey here, now for us.
  22. a person noob bashing has nothing to do with which map. It would be the same on any map. if he won those 100 games on tezz his rank would be the same another lame attempt to erroneously associate mod maps with all the ills of society again your prejudice, ignorance and lack of ability to reason is on full display shame on you. again. TRZ
  23. I have been using Debut for a while now works great!! http://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/ free version for home use !!
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