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  1. If tournaments had a spectator that spectator could be on skype or teamspeak with your opponent providing info...
  2. Hear Hear! Why don't we?? Something to thank them for their hard work for our pleasure, for us to enjoy! Set up a paypal for yourselves staff. Let us buy you a round, or three
  3. you get a target on your back..lol
  4. finally, he meaning of life! I thought the point was to enjoy ones self and to have fun! whatever that may be for you.
  5. amokk

    @CNCNET Devs

    The flying vehicles.... bombers bans orca fighters............Death from above!
  6. I volunteer to record them for the two of you and can post them here after I would love to watch em please take me up on my offer no quibbling that way
  7. now I can't again. ?? any ideas?
  8. now it lets me join and make them... fast service cncnet staff !!! was it /nat ? thank you
  9. My modem does not support port fowarding, is there a workaround for fast game?? Arris WBM760A Touchstone DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem fast connection though... http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4620443273
  10. I thought I saw that a logon password was possible. ?
  11. but some of the players sure are..
  12. most of us ts players, no glitching there are a few that make our gaming experience suck a bit and it is easier to avoid them here than on xwis as the cheaters cant name hide as easily the glitchers seem to be the advocates for smurfing and QM, go figure go cncnet!
  13. no one likes to play with me. can we have a quick match it would eliminate people dodging me and I could play quicker, if at all can I smurf while we are at it??
  14. Fish on! a bad day fishing is better than a good day working
  15. Time for TS!!! That is awesome, kudos.
  16. What? The person at Rank #1 has considerably more wins than anyone else. not missed just off on this tangent Phenomena, that's a big small Sigma you've got there..or are you just happy to see Trz?....and my Mu is bigger than your Mu.
  17. Punkernfg, trz, and I agree on something. Holy planetary alignment, Batman !!! rofl
  18. the same risk/reward for playing a elite as playing a noob does not seem right.... some think (myself included) a loss of points proportional to the difference in rank of the person you lost to (fewer losing to someone better than you losing more for a loss to someone you are ranked better than and proportional to the difference in ranks) same for winning, more points for beating someone bettter than you fewer points for beating someone not as good as you formula would be ((your rank divided by their rank) times base points) ^1.5 that would give you the same points for beating 7 top ranked players or 30 mid ranked players or 70 low ranked players ( for example )
  19. Welcome to the dark side..... you have become what you have despised.. XD
  20. Could be helpful just leave out the ip would help know who is having issues. mpstats.txt Frames: 11342 Average FPS: 38 Max MaxAhead: 40 Latency setting: 0 Game speed setting: 0 Local address: Name: Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Max avg round trip: 142 Max round trip: 206 Resends: 5 Frame sync stalls: 438 Command cound stalls: 0 Lost: 25 Percent lost: 3
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