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  1. Just trying to show any moddders reading this that if they should want to learn the game properly they should start with Westwood and not mods ... Then progress onto mods if they enjoy them more. Just look at players like kaizen and nod rescue they are excellent on mods but as soon as a Westwood player arrives with limited mod map experience they just become just another player. Just think it would help increase the skill level of th game more ????
  2. Micro

    "Useless" units

    U should watch or play some high level terrace games to see how ppl use different units that u would never think could work as they have mastered the game. I've seen pros use one or two marls combined with a few tits to kill a mammoth as they use e mrLos to shoot ththe carry and then the tits finish the mm. The mammoth is devastating in terrace games as pros will use it to stop small rushes of Titans and also pick off your harvesters to draw your money. Also hovers are good in ur base to help early bomber attacks where enemy is trying to take out SAMs and pads to slow u
  3. Wondering if any pros could post some build orders for us to try. Obviously more to games than just bo but it can help knowing how many men to build with what buildings as to not allow us to run dry on money
  4. I think more newer players should learn ww maps to integrate them more into the community first as most modders learn bad gameplay whereas ww players seem of a much higher skill range as they learn from Westwood games first
  5. Micro

    Pro corner

    How do u select all of the same units ?
  6. Also would be nice if the pros gave more of a chance to the newer players for them to watch and spectate or even taught. I know some do this anyway but most just kick/ban and never explain why
  7. Most of the players posted are very high level terrace players that most newcomers or even long term players would struggle with as they have so much experience it's literally impossible to play them 1v1 and in 2v2 you can be often seen as dragging the game down.
  8. 2v2.. Jman , mola, both very hard to defeat with good allies playing with them don't know why. Their nod with a strong gdi is impossible. tight is elite, ray is just elite. spawn, grey .. Grey is far better 1v1 though in 2v2 unless he has an elite he struggles for some reason. Spawn is ex pro counter strike player, was on TV but retired as he broke his hand and now uses his weaker hand for the mouse I have no idea how he has any control he also has an awful temper that let's him down. Don't really watch many 1v1s and I always get banned when I do as people don't know me - can7
  9. Makes it all the more pleasure able to play
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