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  1. Working all the week end monday i will be available and gun remember me ur nick on gr
  2. Im on the east time actually its 8:15pm
  3. Hi guys im orange i talk with kink and we want to finish this but actually im very busy if u guys can wait i will be available next week
  4. since i made the last geforce update i cant play yuris in the loading and in the game my screen is all white even if i downgrade to older version of nvidia version and i dont know if its the cncnet problem but since i made like the 3 update of cnc i cant play skirmis i got error: ''The index is outside the boundaries of the table'' * this is translate any clue to fix this?? ClientCrashLog_29_7_2017_9_11.txt ClientCrashLog_27_7_2017_19_12.txt
  5. Link to download free RA2 http://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/177134-downloads/
  6. already sayed but PLZ FIX IT allow team in game :ranting:
  7. i dont know if this can be done but there is my suggestion: add 2 new faction: ALLIED and SOviet in this it will include all allied speciality and same for soviet or maybe it will pick a random team in allied or soviet that would be cool
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