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  1. I don't know anyone who actually enjoys the games at that speed. Most people play on Faster (45 / 60 FPS in TS) and some play on Fast (30 FPS in TS).
  2. I think that TW is harder than TS. It's probably close to FS (I played both on Hard). However, TW's expansion, Kane's Wrath, I found one of the most difficult games in the series. I'm not sure if it matches TD, but I don't think it's very far from it (at least the last few missions). C&C3's story is kinda meh, but otherwise the game is pretty nice. Same with KW.
  3. http://www.ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=529381 In other words, the mission efficiency is purely dependant on the amount of money that you have at the end of the mission. The more money, the higher your efficiency. If you wanted to, you could just collect hundreds of thousands of credits for the end of a mission and get an efficiency that's in the thousands. It's just broken.
  4. If talking about Tiberian Sun, it could be fixable for some systems with different renderers. I'm running Windows 8.1 and alt-tabbing works properly for me with TS-DDRAW.
  5. Rampastring

    Moar Coloarz

    The main issue with black is chat. Your messages are invisible on top of shroud. The loading bar is also almost invisible, so some players could think that you never loaded.
  6. This can't be answered with just "yes" or "no". So, the answer is "possibly"; if we see it as important enough and we have the time for it. However, right now there's no one working on clan support. I don't have a crystal ball for seeing into the future though.
  7. 15. 5. ; 06:54:25.225 About to launch main executable. 15. 5. ; 06:54:25.334 The game process has exited; displaying game lobby. Meaning that the game executable exits instantly after startup for some reason. Why it does that, I don't know. Because the wsock32.dll is incompatible with Windows 10 and it's unneeded with CnCNet 5.
  8. Upload cncnetclient.log from your game directory to this topic so I can take a look at it to possibly figure it out.
  9. Isn't the singleplayer component enough for your breaks though? I'd also like to have C&C95 / RA95 on my phone (too bad there's no x86 emulators for Windows Phones, I guess there's some security restriction in the OS making it impossible), but I'd never play it online.
  10. In that case, it sounds like it'd be useless in YR's, DTA's and TI's case because they have their own channel and those don't have a bot right now. (Shouldn't the bot boot the fakenicker off from the whole server instead of just the channel?)
  11. Yeah, I kind of wonder why this was never done. It using IRC is no excuse; nickserv has been a staple of irc for ages. I haven't known that the CnCNet IRC server is capable of that, and I still don't know how exactly it works. In other words, it's yet another thing that the rest of the CnCNet team hasn't informed me about. And not everyone is familiar with IRC. Before I started developing the client I hadn't practically ever used IRC. As for the ban, you deserved it. Even "temporarily using" another user's name is a serious offense. And you shouldn't believe that someone changed their name unless you hear it from the person who supposedly changed their name.
  12. In case you're trying to play Tiberian Sun (or Red Alert 2?), that error is thrown when the game is unable to change the display mode. Usually it means that your system doesn't support 16-bit color mode; in other words, usually it means that you're running Windows 8 or Windows 10. It's solved by using TS-DDRAW.
  13. There is no "main" CnCNet client, there's two separate clients. The other (FunkyFr3sh's one) is used by TD, RA1, Dune 2000 and (currently?) TS, while my client is used by DTA, TI and YR.
  14. It's better than OpenRA, but, um, they've added so much stuff that's really not true :laugh: In terms of faithfulness to source material, Return of the Dawn is a lot better, IMO. With its TS style graphics and pixelated voxel vehicles? DTA has the Classic Mode for an almost-perfect TD replica regarding both graphics and unit / structure balance, you know (as perfect as it's possible with the TS engine). Only the Enhanced Mode has additions, and even those additions are for the most part quite faithful to the original game. At least more so than the stuff in RotD.
  15. No, since while it was possible otherwise, the updater would detect that the client has been modified and it would re-download the old version. However, right now the YR update is in internal testing so it won't be long until the update is out.
  16. Back in late February we released an update that completely overhauled naval combat, so yeah, an update did change it http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dawn-of-the-tiberium-age/news/dta-11408-released-latest-changes
  17. Actually, the latest version of my client, used by The Dawn of the Tiberium Age, has allowed alternative destination ports for a while. TI is releasing an update soon that will add the possibility too, and YR will get the option once the CnCNet team members responsible for YR updates push my new client binaries to the players (why they haven't done that already, I don't know - it's been weeks since I added the option).
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