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  1. Its not just OP. I just tested this. I got the same internal error after trying to load a saved game.
  2. Hasn't someone already done something like this with the SRJ maps? or whatever they're called? Also how would Ares and Phobos compare with something like Mental Omega, which already has CncNet client support doesn't it?
  3. I'll add another specific case for a reconnection error. On the map Sedona Pass, when the repair depot on spot 2 is captured, there is a higher likelihood of recon error happening. Also, in regard to case number 2, I've seen a recon happen following the destruction of a gap generator. This would add more weight to the often said claim that a recon is due to someone using map hack. Maybe these particular recons have something to do with shroud/map reveal/map hacks causing a recon/crash. I don't know much else about it unfortunately.
  4. Sometimes the map is made with uneven tile sets, or there are too many objects placed in the outside borders of the map. Badly over layered cliff-sets or bridges can cause recon errors too. These are just some explanations I've heard others mention to me. I haven't been able to check it out myself. I will say though, that in my early map making days, my sloppier maps would recon more often. My guess is this had to do with the water and terrain tiles that I wasn't placing properly.
  5. Fixed it. Had to set the mix to the game directory.
  6. Just something I made real quick. The hills are kind of sloppy on this one. Needs some work 4-way offense defense v1.3.map
  7. So this method is the one i used to do for generating HD map images. It no longer works for me. Instead when I execute the command It opens up the Red Alert 2 and Tiberium Sun Map Renderer program v When I hit render map through the program I get a message saying Rendering appears to have failed. Would you like to transmit a bug report containing the error log and map to: Email etc.
  8. Might be better for someone devolving carpel tunnel to be forced to use more upper arm strength as opposed to only wrist strength for mouse movements. Another benefit of using a heavier mouse. Of course, i'm just guessing, and these theories would have to be tested.
  9. Would a 10 pound steel mouse play much better than a light weight plastic mouse? I hear some gaming mouses are intentionally made heavier. Perhaps a heavier mouse can take more applied force while maintaining precision in terms of pointer sensitivity. Also it'll survive those rage quits when you throw it across the room.
  10. Not sure. Try reinstalling the client. Maybe try reinstalling the game. Did you download and install the game from Origins? What operating system are you using? Make sure you have the latest version of cncnet.
  11. Right after opening cncnet client at the main menu screen double click at bottom message bar where the client version is stated. It will then prompt you to update to the latest version if you don't already have it. Sometimes this will fix this issue.
  12. Other players may kick you if they think you are newb or something. This is not a technical issue. Its very common on this client. Don't worry if your ping sometimes comes up as NA. What you should try to do is host your own gamerooms and use command /CHANGETUNNEL to enter a list of tunnel servers. Try using Donita-Dunes tunnel server. See what happens.
  13. Them speakers are nice, but I recommend taking it a step further bro. It's worth it!
  14. I cant find this one survival map i'm trying to edit. I know its in my custom maps folder because I play it on cncnet all the time. I've got thousands of maps in my custom maps folder and 95% of them have no specific file name. Just random numbers and letters. Any help.
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