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  1. Would observer drop in mid game be possible if Cncnet were run on a dedicated server? When will we see a higher p count per game limit on Cncnet?
  2. 11.) Camera drops to over the shoulder when double click on special units (Boris, Tanya, Yuri.) Common! just a couple lines of code for this, amiright?
  3. How else are we common players supposed to know who the better player is if not by the ladder? I always heard anecdotally about these monster players 'Tomi, Marko, Latof' etc when I personally hadn't been around to even witness them. For now i'll continue relying on the CnCNet ladder to tell me who the better player is.
  4. It comes down to money and your annoyance power😅 If it happens it happens, if not then oh well. Grant & CnCNet crew have done plenty to this point. Lets try not to take that for granted. Also, Prep, I agree with what you've said except for splitting the lobbies. I'd prefer it to be like on Xwis where an entire community can see clan games going and clan talk mixing in with the regular banter. I'd hate to promote trash talk showdowns for the lobby, but frankly, there's little else going on at CnCNet's atm. Grant's currently in search of lobby moderators though so there's always hope of keeping the place civil
  5. I'd start sed0na clan on CnCNet and recruit 90% of the players on CnCNet, noobs to mediocres to pros, just how I did on post-2009 Xwis. We had members in the hundreds when there was only 20p on average still playing lol
  6. I'm obviously just joking. Tbh, I was just trying to start a fake fight on the forums. Admins, I request you ban me now! Seriously though, Andy did get rank 1
  7. You guys all suck just admit it long live Andy
  8. I'll have to side with Andy on this one. It's been proven time and again that yuri can be beaten. If you're having trouble beating Andy it's because of ANDY. Stop whining about how "yuri is too op for me" when we all know there exists a counter to every possible move yuri can make. Just as you wouldn't rush your tanks into a batch of desolators you wouldn't rush them into mind controls or a single ifv against a herd of yuri discs; make drones, prism, mass flak etc. There is a way! Now give credit where it's due and acknowledge the rank 1 champion of CnCNet: Andy! So when I engineer a building of yours that is the same thing. How about a deso taking out a shitton of ggi's with one deploy? Or one seal taking out an entire base? Every faction has its overkill. What are you going to do, modify the game files and change each faction? No, the players need adapt their gameplay and learn to beat yuri. It is doable. Edit: Reminds me of when Lord Sunny was taking over the ladder on Xwis. Everyone would complain about his "maphacks" when they just couldn't beat him. Now same thing is happening with Andy on CnCNet. Heldro, Edd, Showtime, Prep are all good players but something must be done if they want that rank 1.
  9. Who else but me should know when it's time to launch the nuke Muhahaha!
  10. Tip#2: Skip the patriot missile at start of game
  11. Some guy beat me on dune patrol the other day..I never lose on dune patrol...Definitely more cheaters.
  12. At least 1 miner from warfactory before any tanks. Goes for most maps I think.
  13. How else am I supposed to get away with my unlimited funds game hack? Delete this post now and please don't tell Grant! /s
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