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  1. Don't know why the watermark by photobucket. I'll have to update the image file later
  2. Map works flawlessly. Thinking about doing an Australia or China one next.
  3. Part of the reason i don't play YR online anymore is that the toxicity has gone through the roof as of late. Maybe I've just gotten unlucky with the particular game rooms i've been joining. It's off-putting, but something to contend with on any online game I suppose.
  4. higher reso for gameplay lower reso for observing Kike pero si ya has tenido el canal mas popular de videos de yuris. Yo pienso que lo hacias bien. Si te lo piden mucho, lo puedes variad. Has unos videos en baja resoluccion y otros en alta. Alamejor le pones en el titulo que "for mobile" y "HD" o algo asi. Ese Kike! espero tu nuevo video en youtube. Aver para cuando nos jugamos.
  5. Splitting the music between YR and Ra2 mode was one of the biggest mistakes made. Less than 10% of people ever select Ra2 mode on CnCNet, and the Ra2 music is easily the better soundtrack.
  6. I've gotten a lot of mixed views on this map. Some love it, and some hate it. One guy rage quit claiming this was the worst map he's ever seen 😄 The problem with this map is that the game play is bit tedious due to its size. It takes too long to walk units across the map and because of this your enemy will have seen you coming way before you get near his base. Expect long drawn out games even with Super weapons turned on. Also the cities lack proper building placement with a decent spacing between them and paved roads. The map is vastly empty and could use a bit more decoration. Maybe I'll get around to modding it soon. Yes, @cypher the resources are balanced with 40k, 4 ore posts, and 2 oil derricks per player spawn. There are no extra ore deposits farther outside player spawns. I appreciate the criticism, and I'll take it all into account. Thank you. I did enjoy playing this map, and I know some people will like it. It calls for a different gamestyle, and thats ok. Just dont expect a quick game on this one. Edit: Map updated. I added more ore posts per player spawn. I removed all police cars, and I removed some special buildings. I probably should have removed the unfinished buildings, but I just left them in for now. I'll probably remove them later on. Yes there is a lot more i need to mod on this map.
  7. --Some regions included: *The Great Lakes *Great Salt Lake in Utah *Lake Okeechobee in Florida *Colorado River *Sacramento River *Columbia River *Missouri River *Rio Grande *Mississippi River *Hudson River *The Grand Canyons *Sierra Nevada Mountains *Rocky Mountains *Appalachian Mountains --Player positions situated near the following major U.S. cities: *Los Angeles, CA *Seattle, WA *Denver, CO *Houston, TX *Kansas City, KS *Chicago, IL *Atlanta, GA *New York City, NY Edit: Image updated usamap60.map
  8. In case you didn't know, you can IC a kirov while its still coming out of the warfactory, but could this also be done with the allied cronosphere? Would be a crazy deadly move.
  9. To unlock more units per faction you have to change the settings of specific maps. You'd only be able to use such settings while playing that map. Use the Ra2/YR maps sub-forum for information on making ini. files and creating/modifying custom maps using Final Alert 2 software.
  10. No, I had it as a .pcx file and it still didnt work, but I've now figured it out. I have to deposit the file first to the utilities folder of XCC then I can manipulate the file through the XCC program. The yosefanon tutorial shows him dragging and dropping the file from his desktop to the XCC gui then copying it to TS preview, but that didn't work for me. Edit: Thanks again everyone for the help. Much appreciated!
  11. I'm sorry, but i'm just having too much trouble with XCC on my computer. I can't get it to work. Can someone please help me embed this map preview? Much thanks dryheat8p.map [8] Dry Heat1.bmp
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