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Everything posted by Bart

  1. you realize this is already a ladder map
  2. su27, 4c ore, guerilla forest, wide open mini, raraku
  3. you wont stand a chance rookie
  4. LOL. ravage I have no idea why you took it upon yourself to speak on a subject you clearly have no knowledge of.
  5. couldn't agree more idk who these nerds are dkeeton and grant are but as someone whos been in the community daily for years you guys are too far removed to understand whats going on. let alone make accurate decisions for us based upon 3rd party talk. the ladder is dead (has been) and also corrupt by admins and mods who are actively participating and have a vested interest in winning.
  6. they gonna fuck this up big time no doubts
  7. Simple Jack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq6G9arRIho Never go full retard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6WHBO_Qc-Q
  8. wow chem such strong opinions from someone who doesn't even play the game. weird... you clearly have no idea what youre talking about. which is odd based upon your strong opinion and biased towards red alert. next time do some research before just spewing bullshit into the forum. until then I have no reason to consider your posts of any value/ or significance. especially due to the fact most of your custom made maps on TD would be considered infinite ore maps. which is very hypocritical of your post.
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