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  1. Just not interested in moding the game anymore than simply to get rid of stupid bugs ... that's all. Just keep your fetishes to the maps only please, ok guys. That's fair. I think mostly people get bored of your insistence on playing these mod maps and give in just so you will hush up for a bit. Btw which is it? Lots of people learned how to play nod ? Or is it 20+ years and people still havnt learned to play nod?? Someone throw me a frickin weapon here...
  2. Don't want your joint it's too moded. Thanks anyway x
  3. Thee CC's Mis-Fire Is Very Close To Ones Heart Lots of people play nod. Just high level noobs only play gdi.
  4. Tell him to make a new log...
  5. Very close second would be mola for sure lol
  6. I had this too win 10 I think.. lol
  7. Deploy your obelisk he has a hard time accepting minor changes! ... lol seriously tho when would it end? There is no telling. Make the mod map for this I'm all for it I think it would be mega fun for a limited period.
  8. Half the time I don't think people realise its vet (with changes) I think before it was just get vet quicker map initially and then in came the other changes in every progressive version very stealthy... and just between a few "elites" yet theres another hundred two hundred 3 hundred or more people who do play in a variety of forms different to your narrow view of nod is weak vs gdi on tezz basically. it's just become most commonly played as it's the first one to pop up and or it's there from previous games... I will make more effort not to play it now though lol
  9. I've trained people for you too man........... lol To be fair I think meaning for the good of the game and hopefully its longevity. Theres only so much help you can give, the rest is experience but all of them have to start somewhere and any platform is a start. I like to give newbs a chance
  10. To be fair the cc was 3 shots on star beforehand. ts has been mocked about with so much over the last 3 years and it hasn't made a blind bit of difference really, what was it all suppose to achieve? Bringing in a new audience etc? Like other mods of ts have done? That's what it's becoming. Make your mod is you like. For those seeking the authentic nostalgic remmiscense it wont be found other than on the original TS... which this has slowly been getting further away from...and if these changes were also to go ahead then TS is lost and you should start thinking of a new name for it. Yeah I play with lower levels players too I'm inclusive. You have your clique mate and that's fine with me. You take it to seriously tho, tell me you don't rage?Lol I try not to play sucky mod maps especially the vet/bal ones but they are becoming a plague on TS... Stop crying for minor game changes please. They are not game changing so why whine or put in the effort to make such changes.
  11. Lol And whens the scrin going to be added as a faction? What's on your plans humbline year 2021 scrin return to TS? what's the new name for your TS mod anyway? TS Vet/Bal?
  12. The most fun player to beat! Lol
  13. That's right ts will not be ts before long and to some old players it's not TS with the changes that have already been made. You've got to call it a day with all this balance veteran total game changing nonsense. It's great to have the maps for a bit of fun and to see what TS could have been... what TS probably should have been but wasnt... TS is what it is... a few minor changes for certain glitches makes sense but changing unit attributes in vain attempts to balance a 20 year old game which has stood the test of time already is lunacy. If you want to do this then call it "TS WHAT It SHOULD HAVE BEEN" (according to 6 players who agreed with each other) ((Modification of classic original TS)) cus that's what it will eventually become.. The harvester thing then the alt on barrack thing... I forget what other things... it all detracts from TS authenticity though. Minor and pointless changes really. No need to start messing with unit attributes permanently aswell... That's all.
  14. Where is 5 as an option? Lol I think 3 is a happy medium to be flair 1 is too limited. 2 is as pointless as 1. 3 the happy medium. 4 to be cheeky. 5 for fun and chaos!
  15. Yeh keep ts classic and original as possible. You can always have a mod map for the special players. That's all.
  16. If you think about vet tho, if it takes so much to vet it up then you should be able to 3 shot buildings with a cc ... if ofcourse it was normal amount to get it to star, as they lowered the value before it gets star then it should be much weaker because it wasn't as hard to get... I guess that was the whole idea of vet, it takes you ages to get it but if you do the rewards are immense... now it doesn't take long to get it and the rewards are still too high... please patch and balance the vet to reflect this... make star units weak again! Vet to me is just a lil for fun meme thing which shouldn't be replacing original at all.
  17. Yeah separate mod from original. I first thought a mix would be ok but I've not seen many modders play the ladder to be fair and most who play the ladder really don't wanna play stupid mod maps... best to separate then the modders have their own ladder and the ww crew have theirs. Prefer all standard maps as the pool and no rejections. Be much better more variety. And separation of the modders and ww just like normal... cus modders generally don't like ww maps and vice versa. Then when the ww ladder is quiet we can jump on modders if we get bored enough... and again vice versa...
  18. I played high level games, use bans ... they don't miss. Oh they can miss titans a bit if they walking away tho...
  19. Lol alt and v are long gone and yeah I havnt played for 20 years straight like some. Lol 1 out of 15... the last 2 games at least are in my favour Haha and yeah you compete at a higher level but you still need some work my boy I never had to use Harvey bombs either... I just don't see the necessity for changing what already works well. CC has a different set of objectives... it's been owning perfectly for the last 20years. I admit playing you takes more effort but occasionally I'll put in the leg work. As seen on YT lol
  20. Yeah mostly too high to be playing ultra competitive. I play mainly ffg. I still whooped your candy ass though. Point is? I got bored of waiting for competition. Just put some cream on it... one of my top vid is you getting engie rushed on the ground Haha 😛 I'll let you beat the nubs and I'll beat you like a nub. Make of it what you will. nod is difficult on tezz... that's all. Rise to the challenge or go gdi.. No need to change the whole game because of it. Damn.
  21. Lol seen you get pummeled a ton too... that's why you crying for upgraded nod all the time... shit happens u win some u lose some but I'd rather keep ts as original and classic as possible at least in one area of the community... as I said plenty of moded ts out there for you to go and play Sexpro trz ollie and me all managed nod before the newb map trends started so it doesn't matter , I've owned everyone in 2v2 and 1v1 with nod on tezz (unvetted "unbalanced") yeh it takes a few ownings to figure it out but it's not impossible. This mod is only to balance nod v gdi on one map... lol there is no overall imbalance just on tezz and that's the main reason it was invented. Keep it to individual maps and or a tick box allowing vet.
  22. doesnt matter if its minor , it removes classic ts authenicity and orginality. just keep it to the special peoples maps and tick boxes to enable special people stuff... simples
  23. Yeah alot of changes remove the nostalgia for especially old players returning. I know I've seen old players come back they see its changed and don't log back on. Think the classic needs to be kept as original as possible with any new upgrades additional being a tick box to enable... there is already plenty of mods out there and this ts has already lost its authenticity/nostalgia for old timers.
  24. fck it lets have walking sams too... basically u just want a deployable scorpion tank for nod
  25. funky mofo so just make a new tibsun with everyones ideas and see what we get... some frankenstien of cncnet...
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